Beginning this New Year, 2016, my prayer partner and I decided to immerse our minds in the 30 Day Mental Challenge, which Mitch Horowitz suggested in the December Science of Mind Magazine. In following this Challenge we pledged the following:

“During this time, I resolve to impose definite restriction on my thoughts. In thinking of the past, I will dwell only on its pleasing incidents. In thinking of the present, I will direct my attention to its desirable elements. In thinking of the future, I will regard every worthy possible ambition as within reach.

I dedicate myself on this date, January 1, 2016, to focus on all that is nourishing, advancing and promising for 30 days.”

Although it has only been a little over a week since we took this challenge, I have to report that I am already making many intriguing observations about where my mind wanders when I am not engaged in direct conversation or focused on a specific project.

I have been a proponent of the “Change your thinking, Change your life” philosophy for many years, mostly due to many years of studying the Science of Mind teachings, so I must admit to having a rather smug attitude going into this Challenge. In other words, I thought it would be a snap, easy, no problemo

Wrong! Oh so wrong. In just a week of policing my thoughts, (past present and future), I have found that I really must marshal and fine tune my power of awareness. Oh my goodness! The places my minds wanders off to when it goes off on its own …well, it is just amazing.

Definitely room for improvement! So I am becoming more rigorous in keeping a watch on where “I Am” when I am just cleaning or cooking or driving my car.  The more aware I become of where “I Am” the better I am feeling about my life.

The more concentrated my efforts are to police my thoughts, to keep them nourishing, advancing and promising – the more I notice my life improving.

The decisions I am making seem to be accomplished with less effort and consternation. The opportunities for advancement of my personal goals have been increasing. And most of all, I am feeling so much better about myself!

So even though it has only been a week, I am encouraging all of you to take the 30 Day Mental Challenge. I will continue to report in on the results I have been noticing in my life, and would love to hear about your results.

Farewell for now! Ciao!


This second week, has helped me become aware of how judgmental I am and can be of others. It has also helped me realize just how judgmental I am of myself. How I look in the mirror and pick, pick, pick away until my self-esteem is totally diminished, dismantled, disabled to the point where I’m wearing a paper bag over my head as I exit my home.

If I truly believe that I am whole, perfect and complete, then what is there to criticize?

For years, I have believed in a unified Whole, a Force, which is in, through and around all. By participating in this Mental Challenge, I now recognize I have often been giving this ‘belief’ lip service when applying it to my own thoughts about me.

What a wake-up call this has been! As I change the way I think about myself, I automatically change the way I think about others. If I am not criticizing, judging, and critiquing me, then I will no longer be criticizing, judging, and critiquing you.

I am becoming one with the Whole in a deeper, richer vein. So exciting! Til next week! Ciao!


I will be combining weeks Three and Four of the 30 Day Mental Challenge, because I have been participating in the first annual Brevard County Renaissance Festival. Rather than sitting at my computer writing, I have been hunting and gathering items of clothes from friends to form my costume. (My character, Rosamund, is a purveyor of unguents and salves for your pustules and boils, and can also provide you with love potions or charms. Her costume needed lots of tweaking.)

But to continue with Week Three of the 30 Day Mental Challenge, this week I found, as did my prayer partner, that we were able to manifest our desires in a very speedy manner. The manifestations were not only material desires, but also connections.

By that I mean, people who could help us in manifesting seemed to just show up in our lives. They were new friends and old acquaintances. Each would “connect” us with the right person, place, or idea to further our demonstrations.

Experimenting, I found when I held an abstract idea for the day, for example, Love or Happiness, the feelings, states, attitudes, of Love or Happiness would be presented to me by everyone I met.  I found not only would the people I interacted with exhibiting these ideals, but also those whom I observed from a distance, would be demonstrating them.

Week Three was amazing! So when Week Four began you know I was most definitely motivated to continue the Challenge. I was excited to see how my new life would continue to unfold!

Week Four began with action. There were meetings to attend, talks to be given, trips to be taken, rehearsals to attend and as always, attention given to work and writing.

Part of my mind remained in an observant mode. I watched as I met every deadline, attended every gathering, drove with calm attention to all the engagements listed in my planner, and I smiled.

I smiled for I found that Week Four was about Trust; trusting that all my numerous commitments would be met with enthusiasm, with attention to detail and even more amazing, on time.

Time has always been a test for me. My internal clock has always seemed to be running five or ten minutes behind the rest of the world. In Week Four, when I gave the controls to the Universe, (when I TRUSTED all will be well), I found I was arriving at appointments early. I may have left later than I should have, but as I trusted in Divine Time, I arrived on time.

By the end of the week, not only was I arriving on time (or early), I was leaving the house with time to spare. Working with Trust, I found my dealings with people and organizations became easier, smoother and more enjoyable. Entering each situation, knowing it would work out to my best interest was a relief, and relieved my body from creating stress and tension.

I am not saying I didn’t, “backslide”, a couple of times during the day in the course of the 30 Day Mental Challenge. I just know when I did “backslide”; I caught myself quicker each time, until it felt like one smooth intention.

This 30 Day Mental Challenge was a great experience, one I intend to continue in my life. My recommendation is for EVERYONE to try it! As the commercials say, “Try it! You’ll LIKE it!!”