~ Happy Beltaine! ~ Happy May Day! ~

Happy Beltaine! The celebration of the fertility of all life. A great time to begin new projects or new life. A time for planting seeds in our gardens and in the garden of our minds. Now is the time to plant optimism, joy, love, and happiness.

This weekend Mercury is trining Pluto on May 2nd and Venus sextiles Neptune. A weekend of deep conversation and heart-centered activities. A deep intense focus on whatever makes your heart sing.

On Monday, May 3rd, Mercury squares Jupiter. This can be inspiring, exciting, energy but it can also lead to the realization that we’ve over-committed ourselves. (More To-Do than can be done.) If that does happen, use this energy to focus on what gives you the most joy and bingo! Magic happens!

Monday also brings a square between Saturn and the Sun and Uranus. This could imply a challenge or an obstacle to our plans. This may mean a change in plans, or more waiting to proceed, or dumping the whole thing and beginning again. Don’t put up a fight. The pain and drama from the resisting is not going to change anything, so go with the flow like a dead fish would do.

May 3rd is also a day to really listen to what we say so we do not insult or hurt another, by stating an unwelcomed opinion or truth.

On the positive side, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini later in the day on Monday. Lots of communication, networking, creating, learning, and growing for the rest of the month before Mercury goes Retrograde on May 29th. Be ready to begin multi-tasking!

On Thursday, May 6th, Venus trines Pluto. The energy to put passion and intensity into our relationships, creative projects, or anything we focus on will be available. A Venus-Pluto also implies a deep trust and vulnerability as well as intensity and magnetic attraction. The focus will be on what we really love – let it be experiencing healthy desires.

A fantastic week to focus on growth, creation, and the joy of being alive. Use the time to fertilize the creative center of ourselves with love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

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Later! Ciao!

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