~Happy Earth Day~ Welcome Buddha Full Moon~

Happy Earth Day! (Belated) It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. The move to San Diego, in the middle of a pandemic, does some days leave me questioning my sanity, but then nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We are now in the Celtic Tree month of Willow, in the sign of Taurus, and approaching the Buddha Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday, April 26th. The Buddha Full Moon honors the birth and enlightenment of Buddha. It will also be a Super Full Moon, meaning it will be closer to Earth, therefore, expect more emotional reactions, outbursts, stress. Full Moons in Scorpio are always good for breakthroughs and “aha” moments. This is the time to get off of auto pilot and get into this moment.

This coming week can be highly emotional. Mars enters Cancer today, April 23rd, so actions won’t be taken until “we feel like it.” Mars will remain in Cancer until June 12th, so downtime, pauses, and the honing of our dependence on our intuition awaits us.

Tomorrow, April 24th, Mercury and Uranus conjoin preparing us for change that could come from awesome ideas or news that points us in a different direction. Remember a box has walls, so think outside of it. This will be a great day for brainstorming, writing, and gaining insight.

On Sunday April 25th, Venus and Mercury square Saturn. What is or is not working in our relationships? Where have we placed our boundaries and are they pleasing to us? Why are we feeling disconnected?

There is a Stellium in Taurus (Sun, Uranus, Venus, & Mercury) that is in opposition to the Moon (Scorpio). This makes for an interesting time with Scorpio (trust issues and power) and Taurus (security and comfort) trying to make room for each other. For Earth Day there were seven planets in Earth signs.

Saturn (old) and Uranus (new) are squaring each other all year. This combo gives us the opportunity to find out what it is that makes us feel safe and with trust in our safety we can release what is now completed and ready to be released.

April 29th will be a great day for nonlinear activities like writing, singing, any artistic or spiritual pursuits because Mercury will sextile Neptune.

The Celtic Tree month of Willow ties in well with this Full Moon, as medieval herbalists placed all willows, (willow trees and pussy willow) under the rulership of the Moon. Besides being considered magical, the Willow is considered to be a symbol of immortality and was planted in Chinese cemeteries.

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Also, remember I am only a phone call away if a reading or some counseling is required – (321- 458-7956). If I don’t recognize your number just leave a message and I will call back.

Later! Ciao!

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