~ Welcome to October! ~

Welcome to October! Magically, the weather has become cooler, albeit only for a few days, but it does make us realize that autumn has arrived.

Currently, we have six, yes six, planets in Cardinal signs. The Sun is in Libra, our beautiful Full Moon is in Aires, and all the rest are in Capricorn. This is terrific energy to get going, be creative, make It (whatever you’re It is) happen. If we don’t use this energy creatively, we will find ourselves releasing it in Cancer – our emotional body. It will be pretty unsightly if we do.

The Full Moon on Thursday is the first one in October. We have our second Full Moon (a Blue Moon) on October 31stin Taurus. October should be a very interesting month.

On September 30th, we entered the Celtic Tree month of Ivy. Connecting ourselves to Ivy is thought-provoking. Ivy does not produce fruit and remains weak when it straggles along the ground. As it climbs a building or a tree it grows increasingly stronger, flowers, and produces berries. It does not harm the tree or the building it bonds with on its journey. If we follow the advice of Ivy and grow into unknown places, higher atmospheres, harming none, who knows where our journey will take us?

The last Visioning class for the year will be held at the Chacana Spiritual Center, 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne on Thursday, October 8th, from 7-9 pm. Visioning is about engaging creativity at its utmost, embracing transformation, and saying ‘yes’ to the best within us. It is not visualizing. It is about learning to listen and catch “the eternal broadcast” from the mind of the Divine for intuitive guidance in projects both personal and professional. Preregistration is preferred. You can register on the Chacana Spiritual Center website or Facebook page.

On Saturday, October 3rd, I will be available for readings at the Chacana Spiritual Center from 10 am – 2 pm. Registration can be accomplished on line, or by phone (321-610-1698), so your appointment time will be reserved, although walk-ins are always welcomed.

Life is beautiful and a new vista is available to us every day if we would only open our eyes and look.

Later! Ciao!

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