~ Happy Saturday, July 18th, 2022 ~

Happy Saturday! We’re gearing up for our second New Moon in Cancer on Monday, July 20th.  This weekend is a good time to be alone for awhile doing those comfort things that bring you happiness. Maybe baking or silently observing at a park would be the thing to do. With the Sun and the Moon in Cancer it is a time of deep reflection. There are four planets in water this weekend, so emotional deep reflection.

The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are also squaring Saturn in Capricorn. This means it is a great time for discipline. Learning to discipline our emotions. Saturn opposing the New Moon gives us the invitation to decide what is valuable and viable to us as we move forward. We are moved to take responsibility for some aspect of our life that we have been avoiding.

Wednesday, July 22nd, the Sun moves into its home sign of Leo. It’s ok to be dramatic now but watch out for too much drama as we move into Leo. This is also a great time for romance, new projects, self- expression of all sorts and taking a leadership role.

This Covid plague has been a trial at best for all of us, and it appears that a “New Normal” really won’t be established until 2022. Many of us have been questioning what is next for me? What is my next step? To help with some of this confusion I will be facilitating a Visioning Class at the Chacana Center, 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne, on Thursday, July 23, from 7 – 9pm. Visioning is not visualization. It is the asking and receiving of answers from your Higher Self. Please register on line at Chacana Center or on their Facebook page.

Life has been thrown us a curve ball and we are all waiting to see how it will unfold. Patience and love are the only paths to follow right now. Love yourselves. Love your family, your friends, and your enemies. Remember we are all One.

Later! Ciao!

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