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~ Happy New Moon, Happy New Year (Rosh Hashanah), and Welcome Libra!

Hello! Here we all are again. The New Moon was in Virgo was yesterday, Rosh Hashanah, – the Jewish New Year begins tonight, (September 18th), and the Fall Equinox is on September 22rd. New beginnings are at hand this week.

We’re still in detail-orientated Virgo, so pay attention to the bits and pieces of your life, including your health, and your routines for maintaining good health. On Monday, Mercury squares Pluto, initiating deep conversations with secrets revealed, fact-checking, or profound insights. This can affect us in several different ways, either giving us a truth we find hard to hear or devotion to some type of communication project that takes time and effort to complete, but is worth the effort. Or receiving information that is in conflict with power or affects you on a deep level. This can be used for personal growth, so don’t deny it.

We move into Libra on September 22nd, and now we begin to seek balance, harmony, cooperation, and connection. It is an air sign, so it loves to communicate. In its best aspect Libra sees both sides of an issue or conflict.

Mercury squares Saturn on Wednesday, September 23rd, so heaviness is once again on the agenda. If you feel down or pessimistic or depressed on Wednesday, just try looking from a different perspective. Change your viewpoint! Look up instead of down. Then fast-moving Mercury opposes Mars (in Aires still).  This is not a great time for negotiations for we’re still reeling from the day before and although we may feel fiery, and hot under the collar, try to let the steam off through exercise or other physical activities.

This is a potentially crazy, out-of-control week, but now that you know you can change it and pretend to be a dead fish and go with the flow. Remember we are still in the Celtic Tree month of Vine, which is the Blackberry bramble bush. Often, in the spring, the dew may freeze on the blossoms of this vine. Those blossoms may die, but without the frost the berries won’t set.  The best advice for this week is to remember that what may appear to be threatening, more times than not, turns out to be a blessing.

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Later! Ciao!