Monthly Archives: March 2020

~ Happy St. Paddy’s Day! ~

It’s St. Paddy’s Day! With six planets in Earth and the Sun still in Pisces, it is time to get our dreams down on paper. Time to outline the steps needed to accomplish them. Preparation time!

On Thursday, March 19th, the Sun enters Aires. This brings the energy needed to follow through on the plans we’ve laid. Time to start taking action!

Aires are optimists. There is always another way of accomplishing the goal when it seems the path is blocked. And it will be the funnist (sp?) way, with time to play while the plan is accomplished.

Keep smiling. Life is really good. Treat the current time as an adventure. A time to stay grounded and happy and (for me) a time to catch up on sleep.

Please stay healthy. What you think about you bring about. I am available for phone and on-line readings. My contact number is 321-458-7956.

Later! Ciao!

~ Serenity Reigns at Creative Energy Today! Join us! ~

Saturday has slipped up on us again. Another weekend closer to the Spring Equinox March 19th) a shift from dreamy, slippery Pisces into fiery, assertive Aires. Leading up to the Equinox, the Sun and Neptune are in Pisces causing mixed messages.

Today, let our intuition guide us. Confusion abounds as the Sun sextiles Pluto (creating insights if we’re willing to examine our beliefs, our perceptions, our attitudes) and Mars sextiles Neptune (causing us to run in circles, slowing us down, making our usual way unavailable).

Mars slips back into Pisces on Monday, March 16th, bringing confusion and feeling of being overwhelmed. DON’T PUSH!  This will only undermine us. Talk to a friend. Get a second opinion from someone trustworthy. Above all, our spiritual practices this week are uber necessary. They will keep us grounded in the chaotic atmosphere we are all dealing with at this time.

Slowly, we will begin to feel the push, the drive, the forward movement of Aires, beginning on March 20th. Most importantly this week, please remember the words of Winston Churchill, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The positive energy at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne, will be surrounding me from noon until 5:00 pm today. Join me and the PURPLE peeps, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa, in the serenity and peace of Creative Energy. Our sacred space is here for you to ground your energy while you admire our Faerie Garden and shop for the essentials of life, candles, sage, sweetgrass, and Palo Santo.

Later! Ciao!

~ Another Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy! ~

We are all in a dreamy Sun-Neptune conjunction today, so if at all possible, try to stay home or go to the movies or meditate. This is the day to go inward. A day for contemplation. Mercury is slowing down to go Direct on Monday. This too, we will feel. Today is a great day to pursue creative ideas or to be in nature.

Venus is also conjunct Uranus today. This will activate change in our lives. It could be in relationships or our style or values or our creativity. Today is a GREAT day for stepping out of the box we have created and call our lives.

When there is a call for change and we don’t respond, remember change is just the out-picturing of something inside of us. Uranus rules our Authentic Self. Honor yourself and be proactive today.

Tomorrow, Monday, March 9th, there will be a Full Moon in Virgo. Time to make plans but also as we’re still in the sign of Pisces remember to listen to the creative side of our minds. Mercury will be turning Direct in Aquarius, so we will have clarity in our decisions, however, Aquarius is also bold, progressive, and visionary.

Wednesday, March 11th, is a very lucky day for everyone, with the Sun in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and possibilities.  In summary, it will be a great week for clarity and moving forward. Wa-hoo! We’re getting geared up for the upcoming Aires energy.

Today, even though I forgot about the time change thingy, I will be all geared up and at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 w. New Haven Ave., aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne from approximately 12:15 until close, at 5:00 pm. The Sunday-Funday PURPLE peeps are Vance and Alyssa, who bring creativity and light every day to the shop.

Gotta gear-up! Later! Ciao!

~ An Enticing Day at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store!! ~

Welcome to the Weekend! What a weekend it will be! The Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Pisces. Leo – a Fixed Fire sign. Pisces – a Mutable Water sign. Push-pull energy with Leo wanting to go out and Pisces wanting to stay home, however, we do have a T-Square in Scorpio nudging us to release this conflict by physical activity. Go dancing, be sexual, try boxing or running. This Sun-Moon combination makes us feel edgy. Leo’s can be blunt making this a good time to watch our words.

Monday, March 9th, Mercury turns Direct, the Moon is Full in Virgo, and Purim begins at Sundown. This Full Moon is known as the Storm Moon. Oh, and we Spring Ahead on Sunday, March 8th.

Today, I will be springing over to Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka as Hwy. 192, in Melbourne from noon until 5:00 pm. The PURPLE store is the perfect place to spend a cloudy day with all the exotic scents, inviting books, and the Faerie Garden waiting to entice you. Equally enticing is all the information and conversation from the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa. Also, readings are ONLY $30 for 30 minutes!

Hippity Hop! Off to the Shop!

Later! Ciao!

~ Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy!!! ~ Happy Birthday, Elliott! ~

Looks like we won’t break 70 degrees today. Does this mean, for us, that March is coming in like a lion? Can’t find my almanac, so I can’t say anything except brrrrr! Although I really do like this weather once I get out into it.

We’ve survived Leap Day, and will continue with soft, upbeat energy today. On Tuesday, March 3rd, Venus squares Saturn. Any issues we’ve been dealing with be it creativity, relationships, self- esteem, money or any issue where we can’t decide if we want to continue or step away, will become apparent. If we are just moving along, going with the flow, even though we don’t especially like it, this is the day when we will feel like we are being pushed to make a decision. Remember, a decision made allows you to continue with the rest of your life. Think about it.

Meanwhile, we continue through the Celtic Tree month of Ash. The winged seed pods, also know as Ash Keys, are released in the winter and are valued as fertility charms. Perhaps, because Ash can be burned when still green, it is often used in Divination fires.

I will be winging my way to Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located a 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne, today from noon until 5:00 pm. The Sunday-Funday PURPLE peeps will be Vance and Alyssa. They are, as always, ready and able to wing their way through to help you find the absolute perfect answer.

Everyone please send Elliot Paine “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” wishes as he celebrates by partying down today!!

Another day begins! Later! Ciao!