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~ Dorian Approaches ~ At Creative Energy Today! ~

Hello again, my friends! We being stalked, in tortoise mode, by Hurricane Dorian at this moment, but we really ought to keep in mind that hurricanes are Mother Nature’s way of cleansing herself. Getting rid of what is irritating her. And who/what is irritating her the most?

So, let us breathe and walk in peace and calmness. Let’s hold the consciousness of light and love and send it to Dorian, knowing, knowing within our hearts and minds that the pink light we are sending to it will calm the storm. Remember, what we think about we bring about, so if we’re in panic mode, with anxiety dripping out of every pore – just what are we attracting to ourselves?

I’m not saying, be unprepared, for the forces of Nature are strong, but prepare in surrounded by peace, and light and love. The Sun is in Virgo (Earth) and the Moon has been in Leo (Fire). Leo is saying, “Look at me! I want attention!” and Virgo is trying to make everything perfect. I believe Dorian is trying to tell us to Look at Mother Earth! Pay attention to what we are doing to her.

Today, I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave, aka. Hwy. 192, Melbourne, from noon until closing. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, & Alyssa have created a very powerful crystal grid to push Dorian out to sea. Stop in and add your energy to it.

Keep safe! Later! Ciao!

~ Developing Your Intuition Class in Cape Canaveral ~

DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION  ~ This class will focus on developing your Intuitive skills. It will assist you in trusting your Intuitive Self. An emphasis is placed on strengthening your personal confidence and your self-esteem. The class will include journaling, meditation, hands-on experiences, symbolism and much discussion.  We move at a safe pace so you can discover who YOU are. As with all classes, you will get as much out of it as you put into it. This is a Six (6) week commitment.

The cost is $180 for the six weeks. Preregistration required. A minimum of five (5) is required for the class to be held. Rev. Kathryn C. Flanagan will be facilitating the classes. For further information please check her website

Classes will be held at Family Wellness Center, located next to Sunseed Co-op on A1A, Cape Canaveral – September 19, 2019 – October 24, 2019, at 1:30 pm. Please call 321-428-4800 to reserve your spot.


~ Sunday, August 25th, 2019 ~ Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy!!! ~

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood as we await the approaching stormy weather! It’s a good day to go outside and gather some Vitamin D into your body, WHILE you are on your way to Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne. I will be there today, available for readings from noon until 5 pm. The PURPLE peeps joining me are Vance and Alyssa. Sundays are always Fundays, so we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Later! Ciao!

~ It’s a GREAT Day at Creative Energy!! ~ Happy Saturday! ~

It’s a GREAT Day this morning! And a GREAT beginning of Virgo energy – in its Higher Expression of Itself. We have entered a period of focused activity. This is a period of discernment – what to leave, what to toss out, what to keep – and the establishment of order in our lives, one step at a time. All the while, keeping in mind, that we are being of service to others. The Highest form of Virgo.

Today, August 24th, the conjunction of Mars and Venus, will initiate passion and desire but in a practical, grounded fashion. This can manifest in creativity, sex, love, shopping, you name it.

By August 29th, next Thursday, there will be a stellium of planets in Virgo – Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Uranus, the planet of change will be in harmony with this stellium all week so let’s use this energy to make selective, positive changes in our lives. It will be a feeling of independence, changing your style, investing your money, time, and/or talent in different ways

Practicing being practical and grounded (Ha! Ha!) I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, Melbourne, from noon until 5:00 pm today. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa will meticulously answer your every question with a smile!

Don’t forget to call me (321-458-7956) or stop by Beachside Arts and Beyond, 246 Hwy. A1A, Satellite Beach to sign up for the Developing Your Intuition class beginning Wednesday, September 11th  or call me for the same class beginning Thursday, September 19th, at the Family Wellness Center, Cape Canaveral, (next to Sunseed Co-op). Pre-registration is necessary.

See y’all later! Ciao!

~ Home Again! ~ At Creative Energy Today!!! ~ Yippee! ~

’m home again, home again, jiggery-jog! Happy Birthday, Virgo! Today the sun moves into your sign. This means the rest of us will want to sort, organize, and arrange our lives. Interesting, that this is the sign that signals the beginning of the school year.

The ‘Developing Your Intuition’ classes will be held in two locations in September. Beginning on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 @ 1:30 at Beachside Art and Beyond, 246 Hwy. A1A, Satellite Beach and on Thursday, September 19th @ 1:30 at the Family Wellness Center, next door to Sunseed Coop, Cape Canaveral. Check my website for details. PRE-REGISTRATION is required. Call, text, or message me to register, 321-458-7956.

Today, in this beautiful Celtic tree month of Hazel, I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy 192, in Melbourne. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are full of love and fertile with creative ideas reflecting the magical qualities found in Hazel.

The Hazel is considered a magical plant, used in divination, for making love amulets, and also rosaries. Hazelnuts are also called filberts and have been used as charms for fertility. The Celtic month of Hazel makes a lovely entrance into school, a fertile mind full of love and creative ideas.

Gotta run! Later! Ciao!

~ It’s Leo time! ~ Celebrate at Creative Energy! ~

Celebration time! A Leo is in the house and it is time to use their pride as self-esteem and not for attracting attention. This is called using the “Highest Aspect” of Leo. With the Sun, Venus, and Mars all in Leo, with Jupiter joining them on August 11th, (Happy Birthday, Henry!), we will be swept into optimism and creative flow. We will desire recognition, visibility, and to in charge of “something”. As long as we use this energy in a creative way, we will be using the higher aspects of Leo.

This is a great time to look at our lives and see where we are headed. The optimism of Leo will take you to the next step. As Mercury has begun its Direct phase – action, completion, and manifestation of what we have been desiring, planning, or (in the negative aspect) worrying about will appear.

Leo’s do love to play so remember to play this week, take charge of your life, take creative action, and reap the rewards!

Today I will be playing at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, Melbourne, from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The Optimist PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa, will all be present and accounted for, (whatever that means). There is no better place to spend a rainy afternoon!

Later! Ciao!

~ Hip! Hip! Hooray! It’s Creative Energy Day!~

Wow! Good to be back in town for a couple of days. Will be gone again next week but I will return! The effects of Mercury Retrograde and the two Eclipses is still mixing and matching our lives. For example, it took me two days to get a plane out of Melbourne because of mechanical difficulties, plus a night in Charlotte. Instead of arriving on Tuesday, I arrived in California on Thursday.

Adventures still await us! Mercury went Direct on July 31st, however, remember it stops, then turns slowly Direct, so this next week will be a flurry of activity. What we’ve been waiting for will be happening. Hold on to your hats!

Also, on July 31st, the New Moon was in Leo. Who is more themselves than a Leo? Therefore, we are being encouraged to step into our own Authenticity right now. Who are you really? Are you being true to the real you or are you being who you “think” you should be? Or are you being the person someone else wants you to be? Are you proving your authenticity by working in a field or at a job that prompts you to be become more real? Do you have an interest, a creative outlet, or a spiritual path that allows you to be “YOU”?

Keep in mind that I will be facilitating two “Developing Your Intuition” classes in September. The first one begins, Wednesday, September 11th at 1:30 pm at Art Incubator Studio aka Beachside Arts and Beyond, Satellite Beach. The second one begins, Thursday, September 19th at 1:30 at the Family Wellness Center, next to Sunseed, in Cape Canaveral. Both are six (6) week commitments to yourself. Pre-registration is required for both classes. Check my website for details.

If the locations or times don’t work for you, please leave preference at Creative Energy on their sign-up sheet.

I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave, aka Hwy 192, in Melbourne, today, from noon until 5:00 pm. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are full of the excitement of the New Moon and the current displays are more amazing than usual.

Time to prepare for the day! Later! Ciao!