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~ Creative Energy Day ~ April 27th, 2019 ~ Happy Birthday, Loren Olsen! ~

Here we are again! Another fine morning in the neighborhood! Enjoy the day! Remain calm! We are in a Pluto Retrograde (Thursday, April 25th) allowing hidden issues around power to pop up. Can we take responsibility for what we are experiencing or generating, either internal or external? It’s all about Trust. Do we trust ourselves? Or do we give our power away?  Pluto always helps us grow by bringing hidden issues out into the sunlight.

Yesterday and today Mars squares Neptune. Action versus dreams and illusions. Rely on intuition. It is the only way to deal with Neptune. We must keep our focus on our dreams, our goals, and not be pulled into disillusionment (the lower vibration of Neptune).

Then there is Saturn, in charge of rules and discipline, and the structures of our inner and outer lives. Our Inner Authority.  It turns Retrograde today, Saturday, April 27th, making this a great day for organizing, cleaning, planning, and routines. A good day to think about what is NOT working in our lives.

We will feel Saturn’s Retrograde in Capricorn shortly. Going over issues until we change. The Saturn-Pluto Retrograde does provide benefits as it makes us look at and take responsibility for our lives. Remember we are the only ones living our lives and the only one who can change it by changing our perspective and thoughts. This combo is here to help us find our Self-Esteem. Look at what we’ve already accomplished. Look at all the dreams we have. This is the time for us to get rid of old non-working patterns.

Today, I will be taking responsibility for my life by being present at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., (aka Hwy 192), in Melbourne. I will be there from 11 am – 5 pm, with readings being only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are in a cheery mode as there is a ton (not literally) of new “stuff” being placed everywhere. The new card selection is awesome as are the unicorns, Pegasus, and tremendous Buddhas!

Remember to call Essential Elements Wellness, at 321-372-6714, to register for “Trusting the Intuitive Self” class. Details on my website and theirs.

Happy Birthday, Loren Olsen! Later! Ciao!

~ Super Rebellious Erratic Energy Weekend! ~ Friday, April 26th, 2019 ~

Top of the morning to you all! It’s a beautiful overcast day so far. The multiple shades of gray moving across our heads is really magnificent. This week has been interesting in that, I have been shown many times over how our words can affect and infect our lives. Yes, infect our lives, like a bacterial infection insidiously sliding into cells until it is wide spread. So too, does our words affect/infect our lives. Often, we speak without thought and form little (negative) affirmations beginning with “I can’t” “I couldn’t” and “Not possible.” Just a reminder to listen to the words we speak.

Today, Saturday, and Sunday will be very noteworthy days. The Sun and Uranus are very close, conjunct actually, in Taurus. This creates a very rebellious energy. The Moon is in Aquarius, whom as we know does not like to follow the rules. And Mars is in Gemini producing an erratic energy. So, we have the very rebellious, disregard of rules, and erratic energy of change and disruption for the entire weekend. Remember to breathe. Give yourself permission to go slower. Take time to sit. Take time to meditate. Remember, this too will pass.

Today I will be passing my time at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave. (aka Hwy. 192), Melbourne. I will be available for readings from noon until around 5 pm. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. If you’ve never tried one, this would be a perfect day to be adventurous. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa had their Earth Day Crystal Grid prepared since the beginning of the month. Stop by and add your healing energy to it.

Don’t forget to register for “Trusting the Intuitive Self”, a six-week class beginning Thursday, May 9th through Thursday, June 13th. It will be held at Essential Elements Wellness located in downtown Melbourne. Pre-registration is required and you can call Essential Elements Wellness @ 321-372-6714 to register. It is a class that includes but is not limited to journaling, meditation, hands-on experiences, symbolism, and lots of discussion.

Time to prepare to leave my crystal cave and glide through chaos to Creative Energy. Later! Ciao!

~ Happy Birthday to all those born in the sign of Taurus! ~ Another Creative Energy Day! ~

Today we are at one degree of Taurus. We have begun to feel the ground beneath our feet and with Mercury in Aires we will be experiencing strong desires and will, but this energy will be grounded at the same time. Oh, what we will be able to accomplish!

The Full Moon was in Libra last night. I misspoke yesterday when I said it was in Scorpio, however, today the Moon has slipped into Scorpio. If you’re feeling a little more emotional, just roll with it. Scorpio is about deep passions.

Monday, the Taurus Sun conjuncts Uranus so this will mean change. More change on top of the Big Change of Mercury shifting into Aires. Remember to act not react. Tuesday, Venus conjuncts Chiron (the Wounded Healer) so show extra compassion to others and most especially to yourself, as unhealed heart wounds about your value may be reopened. Remember, your body is a temple. Within it, Spirit is held. A Spirit that is whole, perfect, and complete, therefore as It resides within you, this is who you really are. You are truly invincible.

Pluto goes Retrograde on Wednesday, April 24th. Power and destruction, especially in world events are highlighted.

My life today will be highlighted by being at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., Melbourne, from 11 am until 5 pm or closing. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa, are celebrating all the holidays this weekend, so party on! Yesterday, I saw new Unicorns, Pegasus, and larger than life Hummingbirds in the shop!

BIG NEWS! Oberon Zell will be signing books at Creative Energy on Saturday, May 4th!!!!

Don’t forget to sign up for “Trusting the Intuitive Self” taught by me, at Essential Elements Wellness, downtown Melbourne, May 9th – June 13th. Call 321-372-6714 to register.

Hippity Hop off to the Shop! Later! Ciao!

~ Information on Trusting the Intuitive Self ~


This very experiential six (6) week class will assist you in developing, using, and TRUSTING your Intuitive Self. The class will include, but is not limited to, journaling, meditation, hands-on experiences, symbolism, and a great amount of discussion.

 It is designed to be a six-week commitment. This is not only a commitment to the class, but it is a commitment to yourself and to your spiritual growth.  Cost is $150.00.

 PRE-REGISTRATION is required.

 Classes will be held at:

Essential Elements Wellness

1010 E. New Haven Ave.

Melbourne, FL 32901

 Thursday, May 9th – June 13th ~ 7:00 – 9:00 pm

 To register, please call Essential Elements Wellness at 321-372-6714 or Rev. Kathryn Flanagan at 321-458-7956.

~ Happy Earth Day, Happy Passover, Happy Good Friday, Happy Full Moon! ~

What a tremendous energy packed weekend! Celebrations of Easter, Passover, Earth Day, and Full Moon. One of these events touches everyone of us. Even Mother Nature is joining in by showing us her full palette of supremacy with sun and fluffy clouds this morning, thunder and lightening this afternoon, and all of it connected by her breath, the wind. Powerful!

Astrologically, the Full Moon this month is known as the Wind Moon (how appropriate) and is in Scorpio.  We move into the sign of Taurus tomorrow, April 20th. So today the Sun is at 29 degrees Aires and tomorrow at 1-degree Taurus. Mercury is moving into Aires making communication fun and also sometimes scary.

We entered into the Celtic Tree Month of Willow on Monday, April 15th. The Willow has, through all cultures, been regarded as a tree with magical qualities. It has graced cemeteries in China and been carved onto tombs in the Middle Ages as a symbol of immortality. It is used in love spells. Hera, a Green goddess, was born under a Willow tree. Orpheus touch a Willow branch and received the gift of supernatural eloquence. The exiled Jews, in the Old Testament hung their harps on the Willows as they wept beside the rivers of Babylon.

The Willow of the Celts and Druids was, however, the Pussy Willow, known to the Irish as one of the “seven noble trees of the land.” It is used in love spells, as a guard against evil, and in divination. This is the wood to “knock on” to avert bad luck.

Today I will be fighting the forces of lackadaisyness at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave. from noon until 5 pm. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes and a great way to enjoy a rainy afternoon. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are well-versed in ways to supplement your Full Moon celebrations. Incense, candles, sage, and books on Moon Lore are in abundant supply at Creative Energy!

Don’t forget “Trusting the Intuitive Self”, Thursday, May 9th  through June 13th , at Essential Elements Wellness, 1010 E. New Have Ave, downtown Melbourne. Pre-registration is required for this six-week class that includes but is not limited to journaling, meditation, hands-on experiences, symbolism, and lots of discussion. It is a commitment, but it is a commitment to yourself and your growth. Call Essential Elements Wellness, 321-372-6714 to register.

Now I am registering that I have babbled on for too long. Later! Ciao!

~ Fearless Friday at Creative Energy!!! ~ Friday, April 12, 2019 ~

Fearless Friday is here! Time to shake the tree and move the body! Wahoo! Aires energy reviewing and tweaking as Jupiter retrogrades. We get to look at what has happened and tweak it with an Aires point of view, i.e. “Why don’t we try this? It may work. Or not. But, in any case, it will be fun.” We are getting a view of what was hidden during the past Mercury Retrograde. Oops! Was that there all the time? Fun and games, although it may not seem like it, however, a fun-and-games attitude will make this coming week so much easier to handle.

Remember life is to be lived to the fullest, and totally enjoyed. What seems like a crisis now is simply a really funny story later, if retained at all. Venus and Neptune are in Pisces so we have help in looking at the world from a place of love, compassion, and empathy. Backed by Aires energy, we have the wind filling our sails!

I will be sailing through the day today from noon until 5 pm or closing, at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy 192, Melbourne, where readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, (not to be confused with marshmallow peeps) Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa have been checking in new stock so fast I can’t keep up with it. The Snotty little Dragon, however, remains my favorite. Check him out. He will bring a smile to your face or a giggle to your throat.

For those of you who knew Dale Boyer, there will be a memorial gathering tomorrow for him. I just found out today or I would have posted this sooner. It will be held at Playlinda Beach, Titusville, parking lot NUMBER 8, at 4:00 pm.

ALSO, so many have asked me to teach “Trusting the Intuitive Self” again. Classes will be held on Thursday evenings, May 9th – June 13th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Essential Elements Wellness, 1010 E. New Haven Ave., Melbourne. Pre-registration is necessary. Contact Essential Elements Wellness on Facebook or through messenger to register. Or contact me at 321-458-7956.

Counting my blessings and they include all of you. Later! Ciao!

~ Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store!! ~ Sunday, April 7, 2019 ~

Great day in the morning! Wow! The New Moon in Aires on Friday revved up our engines, sparked our imaginations, and awakened us to the proactive energy of Aires. Today, we have the opportunity to tweaked the plans we’ve made, and begin to take the actions steps we have to take to move closer to the Authentic Me we are revealing.

Best we begin the action steps now, because on Wednesday, April 10th, Jupiter turns Retrograde, allowing us to review our progress since last summer and correct our course as we move forward. Good news is Mercury is aligning with Saturn today, which gives us firm ground to root our fiery plans.

Today I will be the fiery energy grounded at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, Melbourne, from noon until closing. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Vance and Alyssa (the savior of my email account!), are in charge of this Sunday-Funday!! And what an amazing Funday it will be!

A reminder – I will be teaching “Trusting Your Intuitive Self” at Essential Elements Wellness, 1010 E. New Haven Ave, Melbourne, on Thursdays beginning May 9th – June 13th. Please contact Essential Elements Wellness to register. Or you can contact me. Pre-Registration is required. Thank you.

And may all your steps be taken with fiery firmness today and always. Later! Ciao!