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Saucy Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Saucy Saturday! Love it! Today is the last day I will be at Creative Energy (the PURPLE store on 192) for this year. I will return on January 6th after spending Christmas with the Michigan branch of my family tree. So stop on by Creative Energy today! Check out our amazing new digs! Get a reading, only $20 for 20 minutes. Listen to the great Christmas music by Sarah McLachlin and Melissa Etheridge. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, have memorized all the words and can sing them in their sleep or while they are assisting you. We are open til 9:00 pm tonight and there is PLENTY of parking in the back! Just want to close with this quote:

“In fact, my soul and yours are the same. You appear in me, I in you. We hide in each other.” ~ Rumi ~ Later. Ciao!

Update on Classes

Classes will begin at Creative Energy, (in their new classroom!), around the middle of January.The first classes I will be offering are Reiki I and an Intuitive Development Class. There are many other classes which I will be facilitating at Creative Energy including, meditation, a Goddess workshop, Reiki II and Reiki III, Tarot spreads for readers and a few more I will unearth from my closet of classes.

There will be other classes offered at Creative Energy, by other teachers. Whatever class feels right for you is the one for you. Only you can determine your own interests.

2017 is going to be an interesting, intriguing time for all of us! Merry, Merry! and Happy, Happy!



Friday, December 16, 2016 ~ Last Friday at Creative Energy for 2016

Wow! This is the last Friday I will be at Creative Energy, (the PURPLE store on 192), this year. On January 6th of 2017 I will return, however, it just seems so unreal that this is the last time for 2016. So many changes have occurred. To celebrate with the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, I will be at the store today from noon until 6:30 pm. (Creative Energy is open until 8:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.) Readings are still just $20 for 20 minutes.
I’d like to end today with a quote from Steve Maraboli:
“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” Later. Ciao!

Finally Frigid Friday, December 9th, 2016

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” ~ Steve Maraboli

I love this quote! It seemed to be the best way to begin this Finally Frigid Friday post. Today I will doing readings (only $20 for 20 minutes) at Creative Energy, (the PURPLE store on New Haven Ave.), from noon until 5:00 pm. Stop in and get your 2017 calendars and datebooks! The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, have also been hiding – in plain sight – new, totally perfect Christmas/Solstice/Saturnalia gifts all over the expansive new store! Come on down and check it out! Later! Ciao!

Sunny Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Happy Sunny Sunday! I have been asked by Morgana Starr to do readings at her new store, Angel Oasis in Cocoa Village, today. So not only will the Cocoa Village Craft Fair be going on, so will readings (only $10 for 10 minutes). I will be there from around 11:00 am til around 4:00 pm. Stop on by and say hi! Later! Ciao!

Serendipity Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Serendipity Saturday is here!! I am so excited to be at Creative Energy, (the PURPLE store on New Haven Ave), today from 11 am until closing. Yesterday was so much fun!! An expansive new reading room, the jolly PURPLE peeps – Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa – and so many amazing customers greeted me yesterday! It was a totally awesome day! Come on down and join us today! Readings are only $20 for 20 minutes and the new store at it’s new location will blow you away! Totally! Later! Ciao!

Feel Good Friday!!! December 2nd, 2016

Hello All! Welcome to Feel-Good-Friday!! What a relief to breathe cool humidity-free air once again! AND to make us all really Feel Good I will be doing readings at Creative Energy (the PURPLE STORE on New Haven Ave) This is the first day we will have readers available. Yvette will be back next Saturday! So stop on by! The new location has PARKING in the back of the store!! Lots of parking space!! And the inside is beyond words! It so magnificent! The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, are as excited as I am to be back on track!! So stop by! Readings are still only $20 for 20 minutes. See you Later!! Ciao!!