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Friday, August 26th, 2016

There’s a BIG Square (astrologically) today in the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo, so talk well to yourselves, especially Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces folk. I will be at the PURPLE store, Creative Energy in downtown Melbourne, (the only store whose window is stoned), beginning at noon today. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, will also be hanging out, in and among the gargoyles, fairies, stones, incense, books, and whatnot that appears in the store. Readings are only $20 for 20 minutes. So walk between the raindrops and come out to play and visit. Later! Ciao!



I will have a booth at the New You Holistic Expo, on Saturday, August 27th, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, and on Sunday, August 28th, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. It is being held at:

The Azan Shrine Center                                                                                                                            1591 W. Eau Galle Blvd.                                                                                                                                      Melbourne, Florida

Check out the website ~ ~ $5/day, $8/Weekend ~ Free Parking                     Aura Photography ~ Energy Workers ~ Crystals ~ Psychic ~ Mediums ~ Unique Gifts ~                 Essential Oils ~ Jewelry ~ Artwork ~ and Lots More!!

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Lazy, Languid Saturday….sigh….what a wonderful time to stroll along in downtown Melbourne, stopping to gaze at a window of crystals, one of them looks like an open chest filled with the peaks and valleys of amethyst…you find you are standing in front of the PURPLE store, Creative Energy, so you stroll inside, all your senses awaken as you do. You are greeted by the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, and are shown the many crystalline and stoney wonders of the store. You also find that I am available to give you a reading, because it is after 11:00 am, and they only cost $20 for 20 minutes. Ahhh….lazy, languid Saturday…sigh…Later! Ciao!

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Funky Funny Friday!! Yeah!! Today I will be sparkling at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store in downtown Melbourne, with the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa! Totally glittering day doing readings among the stones and fairies and gargoyles. What a fantastic life I lead!! Readings are on $20 for 20 minutes! Stop by, chat with the peeps, get a reading, admire out stoned window…and enjoy being you! Later! Ciao!

Friday, August 12th, 2016

It’s Friday Fest Friday!! Yippee! Skippee! Before you start celebrating (and even while) stop by the PURPLE store in downtown Melbourne. You will find their Totally Stoned Window to be radically wonderful as are all of the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa!! In and among the gargoyles and fairies I will be found (after Noon) available for readings (only $20 for 20 minutes) and also available for fun and laughter!

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 13th, I will be doing reading at a fundraiser for Loriann Kirwan, who has been diagnosed with advanced heart failure. She has inadequate health insurance and is self-employed. As her heart is working at less than 25%, therefore, she is unable to work. Please join us on Saturday, August 13th, at the Fair being put on by the Spiritualist Chapel of Melbourne. The Fundraiser will be held at 1924 Melody Lane, (BEHIND the Melbourne Auditorium), in Melbourne. Doors will open at 10:00 am and close at 3:00 pm. The $20 entry fee entitles you to one 15 minute reading with the reader of your choice. I believe there will be at least seven (7) readers available. There will be door prizes, raffles, a bake sale and more! Please join us for this event! Ciao!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Oh my Goodness! The new window display at Creative Energy (the PURPLE store in downtown Melbourne) is TOTALLY STONED!!! There are cathedrals, geodes, wands, amethyst, quartz…you name it and it is there! So over the top!! Cool beans!! So check it out! And while you are enthralled with the mystical magic of the stones, (tee hee!) stop in and see the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Amy and Alyssa and check out the stoney madness inside! Also I will be there from 11:00 am until whenever, available for readings, (Only $20 for 20 minutes) and silly nonsense. Later! Ciao!

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Today I am emerging from my hermitage of writing all day yesterday! I get to spend amazing moments with the PURPLE Peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee and Alyssa, at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store in downtown Melbourne! (Also the color for today is…PURPLE!) I will be there from noon until I leave. Readings are only $20 for 20 minutes. Check out the new window arrangement! It is beyond words! Later! Ciao!