Monthly Archives: December 2014

Trusting The Intuitive Self

I am designing a very experiential six (6) week class to assist you in developing, using, and TRUSTING your Intuitive Self. It will include, among other things, journaling, meditation, hands-on experiences, discussion and symbolism. It is designed to be the beginning of your voyage into your intuition – into trusting your intuition, and by doing so, trusting your self.

You will receive as much from the class as the effort which you will put into it. I am asking for a commitment to complete the entire six weeks.

The cost will be $20.00/class or $100.00 if paid in advance.

The location is yet to be determined. Most of the interest expressed for a class like this has been from my Melbourne/Palm Bay clients. So it appears the South end of Brevard would be the best location choice for the class to be held…but nothing has been carved in stone at this point in time.

Wherever the class ends up being located, it will be held on Monday nights at 7:00 pm.  If there is  interest in having an afternoon class, this can also be arranged.

Please call me, 321-458-7956, to suggest a location which would be best for you or one which you feel would be a good place to look at for holding the class.

Call me if there are particular points you would like to see covered, such as protection, (which will be included in the class).

Call me to ask questions about the class.

Call me to register.

As always, I am grateful for your support and I honor you. Have an amazing holiday season!