~ Happy Post-Eclipse Wednesday, July 8, 2020 ~

Happy Wednesday! Today is the first day of the Celtic Tree month of Holly. There has been some discussion about where Holly should be placed in the calendar. In the current position, after Oak, seems logical because the Green Knight defeats the Oak King at midsummer. The Green Knight’s weapon is a bough of Holly. Entering Holly, we have slipped into the waning half of the year.

Holly, along with Ash and Oak, were the groves most favored by the Druids for gatherings. In Northern Europe, Holly is associated with divination and charms were made from the spiky leaves, especially love charms. It is used for decoration in December for Yule. A quote from Pliny, in the First century CE states, “A holly tree planted in a town house or a country house keeps off uncanny influences.” I wonder if this current plague would qualify as an “uncanny influence”?

The Fourth of July weekend unfolded with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. We are still feeling the heightened energies from this, intensified by Mars in Aires squaring three planets in Capricorn. Please think, two or three times, before speaking, because with all that Cardinal energy squaring each other, communication could get very, very explosive.

The thing about Eclipses is we can expect the unexpected, they can clear out obstacles in our path, but we must wait for the dust to settle before taking action. The effect of an Eclipse lasts for six months so do not judge them as favorable or unfavorable until you have perspective on them.

Mercury is still Retrograde until July 12th. Keep on keeping on with reviewing, researching, revising, planning, decluttering – your mind and your home. It is a great time to ask yourself, what is causing my suffering? The answer will always be attachment. It is up to us to observe and detach from that attachement.

I will be available for readings, wearing face shield and armed with organic disinfectant, on Saturday, July 11th, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, at the Chacana Spiritual Center located at 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne.  You can sign up on their website: www.chacanacenter.com or call 321-610-1698 to reserve your time slot.

As always, I am available for phone readings at 321-458-7956.

Missing all of you. Later! Ciao!

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