Get ready to Rock n’ Roll this week! Except for short Mercury and Pluto Retrogrades this year, all planets have been Direct. This week, however, two planets will change sign and three planets will go Retrograde. Lots of shakin’ going on!

Today, the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Taurus. A great combo with Taurus loving to have sensual experiences, like great soft comfy clothes, great food, and Sagittarius always wanting more. Great time to have fun!

Mercury trines Pluto today, so we have the ever-curious Mercury going into a discovery/uncovering mode (Pluto). Then on Mother’s Day, Mercury trines Jupiter the planet of positiveness, optimism. With the Sun sextile Neptune, compassion, Divine Love and Oneness will rule the day. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

On Monday, May 11th Mercury squares Mars, a very combustible situation. This would be a great day to practice deep breathing and counting to ten or even twenty, before responding. Mercury also moves into Gemini on Monday, so a barrage of information and facts is what you’ll be looking for and receiving.

Saturn also turns Retrograde on Monday, bringing up issues, old structures, and anything that needs tweaking from the time it went Direct on September 19. Saturn remains Retrograde until September 29th.

Mercury trines Saturn on May 12th. Great grounding energy for making a commitment.

Mars moves into Pisces on May 13th. Instead of rebellion, we will take the path of least resistance. We’ll go with the flow. Today, Venus also turns Retrograde. Now we get to review relationships, love, values, (especially how we value ourselves), money, and creativity, until June 28th.

Then on Friday, May 14th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, turns Retrograde, giving us the opportunity for correcting and reviewing the ground we’ve covered since August of 2019. It’ll remain Retrograde until September 13th.

With all of this cosmic shifting happening in one week, it is especially important for us to be conscious of ourselves, what we think, what we eat, how we express ourselves, and most importantly how we love ourselves and others. Breathe. Think. Breathe again. Now respond from your heart.

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Keep your hearts open as we move through this Tidal Wave of energy this week. Later! Ciao!

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