~ New Moon in Taurus ~ Write down your intentions! ~

Happy Wednesday! It’s a New Moon, Earth Day, we’ve moved into the Celtic Tree month of Willow, and today the Sun, Moon, and Uranus are all in Taurus. We are all looking for freedom and release from restrictions, however, with Taurus being in three planets, we are moving forward slowly. Deliberately. With care. Now is the time to formulate the plan. The plan of what we want our new life to look like.

This is night of the New Moon, is the time to write out your intentions. Begin to take action on them tomorrow. This is the time of new beginnings. A time to sow seeds. Go into meditation. Then allow your uniqueness to show-up and shine. It’s inside of you waiting for you to open the door. Don’t be afraid of it. This is your hour to shine your brightest.

Earth Day is being celebrated this year on a planet that is allowing some of the majesty of the Earth to return. The skies are bluer. The waterways clearer. This is a perfect day to express our gratitude for being able to live on this beautiful planet.

We entered the Celtic month of Willow, a week ago, April 15th. Willow has always been considered a magical tree. Orpheus touched a willow branch while in the Underworld of Pluto, and was blessed with the gift of supernatural eloquence. We’ve all been blessed with this gift as our minds have the supernatural eloquence to talk us into or out of many situations.

The silence that we are all experiencing in our little worlds can lead us to the answers so many of us are seeking. We simply need to be silent and listen to our hearts. All the answers are within. And now we have the time to discover what they are. Take the time.

Soon we will be back, in one form or another, to a world outside of our homes. It will be so tremendous to see all of you again. Until then, may you always be guided by your highest intentions, and remember I am available for phone readings, 321-458-7956. Namaste.

Later! Ciao!

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