~ A Thought about Trust and Faith ~

There are so many things to ponder now that we are all hunkering down in our homes. The two words that keep coming to me are Faith and Trust. Spiritual speakers often talk about these two words. I’ve only heard them discussed separately, whereas I believe they are inseparable.

For a person to have Faith, one must Trust whatever It is that we are putting our Faith into, whether it is a person, or an intangible concept, like God/Goddess. We put our Faith into this person or spiritual concept because something within our being is telling us, “this is Truth.”

We have a feeling within us telling us this ‘clicks’ with our deep beliefs. The beliefs we hold inside of us that, in reality, no matter how much checking, comparing, or investigating we do, are really what we base our decisions on. These beliefs are formed very early in life, or perhaps we come equipped with them when we are born.  It doesn’t matter. They are the reason we stop and ask ourselves, “Does this feel right?”

Personally, I find it very difficult to have Faith in something that I don’t Trust. I believe anxiety raises its nasty head when we find ourselves in a space where something we Trusted and had Faith in shows itself to be otherwise. Right now, there are many of us who feel like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. We may have had a nudging from our inner selves that something was going to happen. A nervousness we couldn’t explain.

There were those who felt this nudging and ignored it. While others began to prepare, perhaps unconsciously, for the ‘something’, even though they did not know what the ‘something’ was, but they had Faith in themselves and Trusted their feelings.

This sickness isn’t about them and us. I believe it is about Trust and Faith. Discovering if we Trust ourselves and have Faith in ourselves to follow the deep feelings we are receiving on a daily basis. Listen. Go into meditation. Listen to our inner being. We are safe. We are protected. Life is good if we believe (have Faith and Trust) that it is.

Yes, we must protect our physical bodies and follow the CDC regulations, but this hibernation is for the benefit of not only ourselves, but also so the Earth can begin healing. The water is clearer as well as our sky.

We can use this hibernation to discover what we may be doing with our lives after we once again enter the world.

Will the world be the same place it has been for centuries? I don’t think it will be the same. Changes will have to be made. Hopefully, our hibernation will lead us to Trust and Faith in ourselves. It is then when we will be shown our next step.  Namaste.

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