~ Happy St. Paddy’s Day! ~

It’s St. Paddy’s Day! With six planets in Earth and the Sun still in Pisces, it is time to get our dreams down on paper. Time to outline the steps needed to accomplish them. Preparation time!

On Thursday, March 19th, the Sun enters Aires. This brings the energy needed to follow through on the plans we’ve laid. Time to start taking action!

Aires are optimists. There is always another way of accomplishing the goal when it seems the path is blocked. And it will be the funnist (sp?) way, with time to play while the plan is accomplished.

Keep smiling. Life is really good. Treat the current time as an adventure. A time to stay grounded and happy and (for me) a time to catch up on sleep.

Please stay healthy. What you think about you bring about. I am available for phone and on-line readings. My contact number is 321-458-7956.

Later! Ciao!

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