~ Saturday at Creative Energy!!! ~ Love and Creativity Abounds~

With Eclipses, we expect the unexpected. The 7.1 earthquake in California was unpredicted, (as are all earthquakes),and although California has it’s great share of earthquakes per day (per Google several hundred/day) an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude was unexpected. As was the recent one in Ohio.

We are in the crazy before and after (at the same time) Eclipse energy until July 16th when the Lunar Eclipse occurs. Keep yourself balanced. Remember to breathe. On Tuesday, July 9th, Cancer opposes Saturn. The lower form of this occurrence is depression. The cure is work. Do whatever is needed to be done at the moment. Saturn rewards work. Stay focused on the task at hand and the day will flow.

Thursday, July 11, begins with a Square between Mars and Uranus, which can bring arguments, accidents, and anger, in its lower form. In its higher form we will find action steps to avoid conflict. Later in the day the Sun trines Neptune. Soft, dreamy, spiritual, creative, stimulating vibes to soothe our minds.

Today, I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, from 11 am until closing. Readings are only $30 for 30 minutes. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa have all sorts of soothing remedies and recommendations to assist us through this rambunctious period.

Later! Ciao!

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