~ Top of the Morning to y’all! ~ Join me at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, Today! ~

Top of the morning to you all! What a great day to be alive! Everyone probably noticed yesterday that Mars moved into slow-moving Taurus from speedy Aires. Things are no longer moving at warp speed. And the Sun is slowly pulling out of independent Aquarius into dreamy, sensitive Pisces.

The biggest changes begin on Monday as Chiron moves into Aires until 2027. Identity crisis on a huge level as we evolve to a new level, exploring and discovering our Real selves. Who are you? If you already know, enjoy the right to be your Self.

Also, on Monday Saturn and Venus move into Capricorn. Serious Saturn and relationship orientated Venus moving into make-it-or-break-it Capricorn. Now relationships with problems need to either address them or decide to move out – break away. Although, It is a good time for committing to a creative project for work or an engagement.

Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19th in Virgo with Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. A spiritual (Pisces) aspect to order and service (Virgo). Mercury will be in Pisces for two months (Retrograde on March 6 – 28), which means it is a splendid time to trust your intuition when making decisions. You can double-check with facts and figures, if you like, but above all don’t panic. We’re moving into a very “feeling” time.

Today, I will be moving over to Creative Energy from noon until five pm, available for readings (only $30 for 30 minutes). Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, is located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy 192, in Melbourne. The PURPLE peeps on duty today are Vance and Alyssa, who just love being there on these wonderful Sunday-Fundays.

Hippety-hop off to the shop! Later! Ciao!

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