Daily Archives: April 7, 2020

~ Welcome to the celebration of New Beginnings! ~

There’s a Full Moon in Libra tonight, and with the Sun in Aires we may find ourselves torn between the independence of Aires – who can do it all and better by themselves, and Libra – who wants to be your partner, who needs you to be with them. Balance is required. This is time to go within and find our center again.

There is also a Grand Trine in Air, with the Moon in Libra, Mars in Aquarius, and Venus in Gemini. Communication is key today, whether within ourselves or with others. Maintain your balance and speak your Truth with kindness.

Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct on Friday and Saturday. Expansion and the unknown meet. Remember, Jupiter expands, magnifies whatever it touches. If you had some dramatic changes or announcements, during the weekend, and your reaction was over-the-top, it was simply due to this conjunction.

Pluto is the planet of the unknown, the hidden, and for those who fear change, this particular time can seem fearful, because the next step is not known.

It is ok to feel fear. Feel it, know it, and release it. This is a time when a new door is opening, a shift in the consciousness of the world is happening. This is the Age of Aquarius, a time we’ve been singing about for years. Aquarius ushers in the unknown.

Now is the time to live in the moment. Release yourself from the prison of your mind, for you are the only one who can make yourself feel imprisoned or feel free. If we think we are imprisoned and think about how miserable we are every day, then we will be miserable. If we think we are free, free to sleep late, or to dance, or to call people up and ask silly questions, then we are. We are the only people in our minds. We control what we think.

Passover begins this week and Easter follows it next Sunday. Both are celebrations of resurrection, new life, release from the dead, release from old outdated ways of thinking, release from ideas and ways of thinking that no longer work, and being thankful for freedom. Ostara, the pagan spring holiday, celebrated on March 19th , ushered in the same. Welcome the new, the different, the exciting life happening at this time. To fight it will make the pain last longer.

With all these amazing changes happening in our lives, I just want to say, “I love you all and wish you a Happy Celebration, no matter what you may be celebrating this week.” Don’t forget I am available for phone readings, 321-458-7956.

Later! Ciao!