Daily Archives: October 6, 2019

~ A Cloudy Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy in the Celtic Month of Ivy!! ~

It’s Sunday! And the Sun is hiding behind the clouds where I am located. We’ve made it through most of the weekend, and with Mercury in opposition to Uranus on Monday, October 7th, we can expect a surprise communication, sudden idea, or perhaps, you have changed course suddenly. Travel plans can be interrupted, and unnecessary words may come out of your mouth, so please think before you speak on Monday. Because Mercury is in Scorpio, and Scorpions don’t like surprise, you may feel a little off-balance as well. Just flow as best you can with it all.

On Monday, the Sun in Libra will be squaring Saturn in Capricorn. Two Cardinal signs squaring each other. Such a combination can trigger despair, or discouragement, a feeling that your work is unsatisfying, or that you are not appreciated for your efforts, or that there is something blocking your progress, or that you and your efforts are being rejected. Just put your head down and carry on. This too will pass, so don’t invest a whole lot of time pulling yourself into a hole.

Tuesday is another day, a sunnier day, with Venus in sexy, seductive, magnetic Scorpio. An intense experience, intense relationship, love, creativity, money, and Self-Esteem issues on a deep, penetrating level uncovering the innards of any or all of the above can be expected. It’s a “Let’s get to the Heart of the Matter kind of day”. With Scorpio in charge the deepest levels will be plumed.

But, today is Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy!! I will be there from noon until 5pm, so literally the same hours the store will be open! Vance and Alyssa will be the PURPLE peeps in charge today. There are boxes of new “stuff”, magical, enchanting stuff being opened every day. So very tempting! The PURPLE store, Creative Energy is located at 780 W. New Haven Ave, aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne. There is no better place to spend an overcast afternoon.

Gotta run! Later! Ciao!