Daily Archives: June 8, 2019

~ All Tarot Review at Book and Bead Outlet ~ Saturday, June 8th, 2019 ~

Merry Meet Again! I apologize to everyone. Venus is not moving into Pisces today, but rather into Gemini, so today is about changeability, movement, and exploration. It is a day to have fun and to enjoy community, communication, and doing something different. If you have never had a reading, today would be an excellent time to explore metaphysical you.

On that note, an All Tarot Review is happening at The Book and Bead Outlet, 950 N. Courtney Pkwy Merritt Island, from 11 am – 4 pm today. Mitchell Osbourne, Walt Willis, Kim Danbert, and I will be giving mini-readings, just $20 for 15 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome, but spaces are limited, so call ahead (Chris at 321-453-2665) before dashing down.

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 9th, the challenge of a Sun-Jupiter T-Square with Neptune will force us to be on our toes, because confusion, deception, hidden agendas, self-righteous perceptions, and delusions will abound. Do not blindly follow anyone, especially someone who leads our belief systems. Many hidden actualities will surface during the next few weeks, so use discernment when reading/listening. Open-mindedness will serve us well.

Sunday night, still June 9th, Virgo joins the T-Square, so now we have a Grand Cross pulling us in four directions at one time. A great evening to spend alone with a book.

Discernment rules the day on Monday, June 10th, with Jupiter feeding us optimism, too much optimism in some cases, so remember to wait 24 hours before committing.  With the Moon is Void-of-Course on Monday, delay scheduling important events if you really want them to occur.

Wednesday brings a breather – Mars Conjunct the North Node in Cancer. Nurture your Self today. And we will need it as Mars and Saturn will be in opposition on Friday. When this happens become over methodical, check and recheck your plans because the Neptune-Jupiter (optimism) also becomes stronger as we move towards Friday. Check in with reality. Often. On Friday. Reality checks all day on Friday.

Far-out, off-the-wall energy all week. Up, down, and all around. Keep in mind what is best for YOUR Highest Self throughout every day. Be open to changes. Remember this is a whole bunch of mutable energy coming at us. Make adjustments as you go along. Make time for YOU to process what is happening.

And Breathe. Remember – Life is good, fun, enjoyable, and totally wild! Later! Ciao!