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~ Check out my Meditation on Lightworkers Gifts on FB, Wednesday, May 27th, 9:00 pm EDT ~

Hello! Here we are in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend, remembering and thanking those who gave their lives to keep us safe. Thank you. When I was young, we would participate in a parade, carrying flags as the Color Guard, that would end at the cemetery with a rifle salute. It was a solemn parade, but as it was in Wisconsin, beer and brats would follow it. Death and life. Inseparable.

We celebrated a New Moon in Gemini this past Friday, while Mercury and retrograde Venus squared Neptune. This was a lot of information assaulting us and many of us may have felt confused and overwhelmed. Time to consult our Inner Selves. The GPS of our lives.

This weekend, we have the Moon and the Sun in Gemini. Lots of talking, communication, a time to place our attention on what is real for us. Don’t be concerned if one minute this is real and a half hour later something else is real. This is Gemini energy. Whatever it is that we keep returning to, that thing that lights up our insides, this is what we should concentrate on. The vibrant, yummy feeling that makes us shiver all over and say “YES!” This is the energy we want to focus on and bring into manifestation. Include this energy when writing out New Moon intentions this weekend.

Now that we are in Gemini energy, it is time to move, to shift, and on Monday, May 25th, the active, action planet, Mars, is in harmony with the initiating change planet, Uranus. An excellent time to move out of our old blueprints into new actions and new life. A great time to drop the old-way-of-thinking that didn’t let us explore and try out the new and the different.

On Thursday, May 28th, the North Node of Destiny is conjunct with Mercury. Time to pay attention to what shows up in our lives, for we may receive guidance about our path forward. If we don’t notice anything, it’s ok too, because as long as we are open to receive, we will receive.

This week will be busy for me. I will be interviewed and lead a meditation on Lightworkers Gifts on Facebook at 9:00 pm, Wednesday, May 27th. This is an international site, I’ve been told. Try and catch it if you can.

Also, while waiting for the full opening of Creative Energy, I will begin teaching classes, in June, at the Chacana Spiritual Healing Center, 2299 Sarno Rd., in Melbourne. Shannon Davis and I will be discussing what, and when this coming week. I do know a Tarot class and Using Symbols to Expand your Intuition will be on the agenda.

AND I am available for phone readings during the interim. Call me at 321-458-7956 to schedule your appointment. Later! Ciao!

~ Finally, we have Fire in the Sky! ~

Finally, we have some Fire in the sky, and I can stop feeling like a sluggish sloth! The Moon is in Aires from today, Sunday, until Tuesday. I love waking up and being energized! With the Moon in Aires, we have the energy to begin, to continue, and occasionally, finish up projects.

The surge of energy I’m feeling could also be due to the Sun trine Jupiter today, making this a good day to expand our lives in some way, ask for a favor, feel optimistic, and just know that some blessing is available to us. Enjoy the positiveness of this day!

This past week we were put through the proverbial wringer with two planets and the Nodes of Fate changing signs and three planets going Retrograde.  When the Nodes of Fate are in Gemini/Sagittarius, it is time to Question Everything. We are on information overload. Viewpoints are being expressed on both sides.

AND on Wednesday, May 20th the Sun moves into Gemini, and now we are in Super Information Overload. We may even feel we have ADD. Do not be overwhelmed with this massive communication dump. Keep your balance. The only place to go is within. Trust our Inner Self, our Inner Guidance System. When decisions have to be made, get quiet and ask that Inner Being. Then Do Not Doubt the information received. Our Intuition is there to help us.

Mars is also squaring Neptune on Wednesday, May 20th. A time of empathy, creative energy for artistic and/or spiritual pursuits. This alignment gives us a rosy view of life, however, remember this Square can also bring disillusionment and grief, if we allow ourselves to go there.

We have also entered, on May 13th, the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorne. This small tree has been said to mark the place where the fairies meet their secret lovers. They also guard wishing wells in Ireland. In some Western European cultures, the boughs serve as protection from lightening. In others, it was used to purify, and the Old-Irish brides wore crowns of hawthorn to symbolize chastity.

The Romans thought it was bad luck to bring Hawthorn into a home, however, it was the protective emblem of Cardea, mistress of Janus. “Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open.” With all the information and misinformation bombarding us in the coming weeks, we can call on her to shut our minds from being overloaded or to open them up to hear what the other side has to say.

As always, I am available for phone readings, 321-48-7956. Stay healthy! Later! Ciao!


Get ready to Rock n’ Roll this week! Except for short Mercury and Pluto Retrogrades this year, all planets have been Direct. This week, however, two planets will change sign and three planets will go Retrograde. Lots of shakin’ going on!

Today, the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Taurus. A great combo with Taurus loving to have sensual experiences, like great soft comfy clothes, great food, and Sagittarius always wanting more. Great time to have fun!

Mercury trines Pluto today, so we have the ever-curious Mercury going into a discovery/uncovering mode (Pluto). Then on Mother’s Day, Mercury trines Jupiter the planet of positiveness, optimism. With the Sun sextile Neptune, compassion, Divine Love and Oneness will rule the day. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

On Monday, May 11th Mercury squares Mars, a very combustible situation. This would be a great day to practice deep breathing and counting to ten or even twenty, before responding. Mercury also moves into Gemini on Monday, so a barrage of information and facts is what you’ll be looking for and receiving.

Saturn also turns Retrograde on Monday, bringing up issues, old structures, and anything that needs tweaking from the time it went Direct on September 19. Saturn remains Retrograde until September 29th.

Mercury trines Saturn on May 12th. Great grounding energy for making a commitment.

Mars moves into Pisces on May 13th. Instead of rebellion, we will take the path of least resistance. We’ll go with the flow. Today, Venus also turns Retrograde. Now we get to review relationships, love, values, (especially how we value ourselves), money, and creativity, until June 28th.

Then on Friday, May 14th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, turns Retrograde, giving us the opportunity for correcting and reviewing the ground we’ve covered since August of 2019. It’ll remain Retrograde until September 13th.

With all of this cosmic shifting happening in one week, it is especially important for us to be conscious of ourselves, what we think, what we eat, how we express ourselves, and most importantly how we love ourselves and others. Breathe. Think. Breathe again. Now respond from your heart.

Creative Energy is open for Curbside Service and for shipping. View on-line or from FB shots. Their telephone number is: 321-952-6789. As always, I am available for phone readings at 321-458-7956.

Keep your hearts open as we move through this Tidal Wave of energy this week. Later! Ciao!

~ Happy Cinco de Mayo! (A day early) ~

Hello! Hello! Since everyday has been a day off, I forget when the weekend arrives – my time to work. Now to catch up. Last Friday, was Beltaine, aka May Day. We are now officially into the blossoming of New Life.

Yesterday, Sunday, May 3rd, Venus squared Neptune. Venus is love. It is earthly love – your desires, your personal value system, and how you present yourself, your style. Neptune is an unconditional love. It is We-Are-All- One. It has no boundaries. This combination is fantastic for writing, creating something from your heart, however, it also easily influenced and can lead to disillusionment. A great time to keep tabs on yourself. If you feel you are feeling melancholy, check what is coming into your mind and change your thinking.

Today, Monday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 5th, the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Libra. These two days are days where sweetness prevails. We have four planets in Air and a Grand Trine in Air. Lots of communication going on. A fabulous time to write, or paint or to create a mosaic. The mental energy is here along with five planets in Earth to ground us so we can accomplish the amazing ideas we all having.

On May 5th, the North Node, our Destiny or where we want to go, moves from Cancer into Gemini. Gemini is an Air sign. We find we become receptive to different viewpoints as we process this information mentally. We become open to communication in every form.

The South Node moves from Capricorn into Sagittarius. The South Node is the past, and all of the old outlines we wish to change. Sagittarius is an interesting sign. It rules travel, religion, philosophy, beliefs, and foreign cultures. This is the time to be willing to examine our philosophy about life and our beliefs.

The last time the Nodes were in a Gemini-Sagittarius combo, was right after 9/11. Life will become interesting in the next 18 months, before the Nodes change into a Taurus-Scorpio relationship.

And on Thursday, May 7th, the Moon, will be Full in the sign of Scorpio. What hidden and/or repressed information, emotions, feelings, or awakenings await us?  This is the time for changes. Be fearless and step into or onto the path you chose for this lifetime.

Next week, (oh goody!) we have three (3) planets turning Retrograde. This week we need to focus on Self-care, care of others in our lives, pay attention, and stay open to whatever Life plops into our laps.

Keep knowing all is well and as it is meant to be. Wow! What a journey we signed up for!

Good News! Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5th, (Happy Cinco de Mayo on Taco Tuesday!), Creative Energy will be open for Curb-Side Pick-Up! Call 321- 952-6789 to place your order for Pick-Up. They will also be shipping orders. And I am still available for phone readings, 321-458-7956.

Later! Ciao!

~ New Moon in Taurus ~ Write down your intentions! ~

Happy Wednesday! It’s a New Moon, Earth Day, we’ve moved into the Celtic Tree month of Willow, and today the Sun, Moon, and Uranus are all in Taurus. We are all looking for freedom and release from restrictions, however, with Taurus being in three planets, we are moving forward slowly. Deliberately. With care. Now is the time to formulate the plan. The plan of what we want our new life to look like.

This is night of the New Moon, is the time to write out your intentions. Begin to take action on them tomorrow. This is the time of new beginnings. A time to sow seeds. Go into meditation. Then allow your uniqueness to show-up and shine. It’s inside of you waiting for you to open the door. Don’t be afraid of it. This is your hour to shine your brightest.

Earth Day is being celebrated this year on a planet that is allowing some of the majesty of the Earth to return. The skies are bluer. The waterways clearer. This is a perfect day to express our gratitude for being able to live on this beautiful planet.

We entered the Celtic month of Willow, a week ago, April 15th. Willow has always been considered a magical tree. Orpheus touched a willow branch while in the Underworld of Pluto, and was blessed with the gift of supernatural eloquence. We’ve all been blessed with this gift as our minds have the supernatural eloquence to talk us into or out of many situations.

The silence that we are all experiencing in our little worlds can lead us to the answers so many of us are seeking. We simply need to be silent and listen to our hearts. All the answers are within. And now we have the time to discover what they are. Take the time.

Soon we will be back, in one form or another, to a world outside of our homes. It will be so tremendous to see all of you again. Until then, may you always be guided by your highest intentions, and remember I am available for phone readings, 321-458-7956. Namaste.

Later! Ciao!

~ Welcome to the celebration of New Beginnings! ~

There’s a Full Moon in Libra tonight, and with the Sun in Aires we may find ourselves torn between the independence of Aires – who can do it all and better by themselves, and Libra – who wants to be your partner, who needs you to be with them. Balance is required. This is time to go within and find our center again.

There is also a Grand Trine in Air, with the Moon in Libra, Mars in Aquarius, and Venus in Gemini. Communication is key today, whether within ourselves or with others. Maintain your balance and speak your Truth with kindness.

Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct on Friday and Saturday. Expansion and the unknown meet. Remember, Jupiter expands, magnifies whatever it touches. If you had some dramatic changes or announcements, during the weekend, and your reaction was over-the-top, it was simply due to this conjunction.

Pluto is the planet of the unknown, the hidden, and for those who fear change, this particular time can seem fearful, because the next step is not known.

It is ok to feel fear. Feel it, know it, and release it. This is a time when a new door is opening, a shift in the consciousness of the world is happening. This is the Age of Aquarius, a time we’ve been singing about for years. Aquarius ushers in the unknown.

Now is the time to live in the moment. Release yourself from the prison of your mind, for you are the only one who can make yourself feel imprisoned or feel free. If we think we are imprisoned and think about how miserable we are every day, then we will be miserable. If we think we are free, free to sleep late, or to dance, or to call people up and ask silly questions, then we are. We are the only people in our minds. We control what we think.

Passover begins this week and Easter follows it next Sunday. Both are celebrations of resurrection, new life, release from the dead, release from old outdated ways of thinking, release from ideas and ways of thinking that no longer work, and being thankful for freedom. Ostara, the pagan spring holiday, celebrated on March 19th , ushered in the same. Welcome the new, the different, the exciting life happening at this time. To fight it will make the pain last longer.

With all these amazing changes happening in our lives, I just want to say, “I love you all and wish you a Happy Celebration, no matter what you may be celebrating this week.” Don’t forget I am available for phone readings, 321-458-7956.

Later! Ciao!

~ A Thought about Trust and Faith ~

There are so many things to ponder now that we are all hunkering down in our homes. The two words that keep coming to me are Faith and Trust. Spiritual speakers often talk about these two words. I’ve only heard them discussed separately, whereas I believe they are inseparable.

For a person to have Faith, one must Trust whatever It is that we are putting our Faith into, whether it is a person, or an intangible concept, like God/Goddess. We put our Faith into this person or spiritual concept because something within our being is telling us, “this is Truth.”

We have a feeling within us telling us this ‘clicks’ with our deep beliefs. The beliefs we hold inside of us that, in reality, no matter how much checking, comparing, or investigating we do, are really what we base our decisions on. These beliefs are formed very early in life, or perhaps we come equipped with them when we are born.  It doesn’t matter. They are the reason we stop and ask ourselves, “Does this feel right?”

Personally, I find it very difficult to have Faith in something that I don’t Trust. I believe anxiety raises its nasty head when we find ourselves in a space where something we Trusted and had Faith in shows itself to be otherwise. Right now, there are many of us who feel like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. We may have had a nudging from our inner selves that something was going to happen. A nervousness we couldn’t explain.

There were those who felt this nudging and ignored it. While others began to prepare, perhaps unconsciously, for the ‘something’, even though they did not know what the ‘something’ was, but they had Faith in themselves and Trusted their feelings.

This sickness isn’t about them and us. I believe it is about Trust and Faith. Discovering if we Trust ourselves and have Faith in ourselves to follow the deep feelings we are receiving on a daily basis. Listen. Go into meditation. Listen to our inner being. We are safe. We are protected. Life is good if we believe (have Faith and Trust) that it is.

Yes, we must protect our physical bodies and follow the CDC regulations, but this hibernation is for the benefit of not only ourselves, but also so the Earth can begin healing. The water is clearer as well as our sky.

We can use this hibernation to discover what we may be doing with our lives after we once again enter the world.

Will the world be the same place it has been for centuries? I don’t think it will be the same. Changes will have to be made. Hopefully, our hibernation will lead us to Trust and Faith in ourselves. It is then when we will be shown our next step.  Namaste.