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~ Happy Saturday, July 18th, 2022 ~

Happy Saturday! We’re gearing up for our second New Moon in Cancer on Monday, July 20th.  This weekend is a good time to be alone for awhile doing those comfort things that bring you happiness. Maybe baking or silently observing at a park would be the thing to do. With the Sun and the Moon in Cancer it is a time of deep reflection. There are four planets in water this weekend, so emotional deep reflection.

The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are also squaring Saturn in Capricorn. This means it is a great time for discipline. Learning to discipline our emotions. Saturn opposing the New Moon gives us the invitation to decide what is valuable and viable to us as we move forward. We are moved to take responsibility for some aspect of our life that we have been avoiding.

Wednesday, July 22nd, the Sun moves into its home sign of Leo. It’s ok to be dramatic now but watch out for too much drama as we move into Leo. This is also a great time for romance, new projects, self- expression of all sorts and taking a leadership role.

This Covid plague has been a trial at best for all of us, and it appears that a “New Normal” really won’t be established until 2022. Many of us have been questioning what is next for me? What is my next step? To help with some of this confusion I will be facilitating a Visioning Class at the Chacana Center, 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne, on Thursday, July 23, from 7 – 9pm. Visioning is not visualization. It is the asking and receiving of answers from your Higher Self. Please register on line at Chacana Center or on their Facebook page.

Life has been thrown us a curve ball and we are all waiting to see how it will unfold. Patience and love are the only paths to follow right now. Love yourselves. Love your family, your friends, and your enemies. Remember we are all One.

Later! Ciao!

~ Saturday, July 11th, 2020 ~

This is what I’ll be up on Saturday, July 11th.

30 Minute Intuitive Readings with Rev. Kathryn Flanagan
The Chacana Spiritual Center, 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne

Tarot/Intuitive Readings $40 for 30 minutes (One reading per session)

Kathryn has been a professional Tarot/Intuitive reader for over 30 years. She also facilitates Intuitive Development, Tarot, and other related classes.

~ Happy Post-Eclipse Wednesday, July 8, 2020 ~

Happy Wednesday! Today is the first day of the Celtic Tree month of Holly. There has been some discussion about where Holly should be placed in the calendar. In the current position, after Oak, seems logical because the Green Knight defeats the Oak King at midsummer. The Green Knight’s weapon is a bough of Holly. Entering Holly, we have slipped into the waning half of the year.

Holly, along with Ash and Oak, were the groves most favored by the Druids for gatherings. In Northern Europe, Holly is associated with divination and charms were made from the spiky leaves, especially love charms. It is used for decoration in December for Yule. A quote from Pliny, in the First century CE states, “A holly tree planted in a town house or a country house keeps off uncanny influences.” I wonder if this current plague would qualify as an “uncanny influence”?

The Fourth of July weekend unfolded with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. We are still feeling the heightened energies from this, intensified by Mars in Aires squaring three planets in Capricorn. Please think, two or three times, before speaking, because with all that Cardinal energy squaring each other, communication could get very, very explosive.

The thing about Eclipses is we can expect the unexpected, they can clear out obstacles in our path, but we must wait for the dust to settle before taking action. The effect of an Eclipse lasts for six months so do not judge them as favorable or unfavorable until you have perspective on them.

Mercury is still Retrograde until July 12th. Keep on keeping on with reviewing, researching, revising, planning, decluttering – your mind and your home. It is a great time to ask yourself, what is causing my suffering? The answer will always be attachment. It is up to us to observe and detach from that attachement.

I will be available for readings, wearing face shield and armed with organic disinfectant, on Saturday, July 11th, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, at the Chacana Spiritual Center located at 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne.  You can sign up on their website: or call 321-610-1698 to reserve your time slot.

As always, I am available for phone readings at 321-458-7956.

Missing all of you. Later! Ciao!

~ Friday, June 26th, 2020 ~

Happy Friday! This has been a pretty wild ride so far this year. In the last ten days we’ve had Mercury turn Retrograde in Cancer June 18th (Direct July 12th), Summer Solstice on June 20th, Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st, Neptune turn Retrograde on June 22nd, and Venus moved Direct on June 24th. We also have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn to look forward to on July 5th.

Most importantly Mars moves into Aires on June 27th. Why would Mars moving in Aires, be important? Well, Mars will be Square to three planets (Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn) in Capricorn. Two Cardinal signs squaring each other. For six months. This means that a lot of feisty, angry, frustrated energy concentrated on leadership for six months. The intensity will begin to be felt in July and continue into December. This is an amazing time to practice patience, instead of aggression, or striking out in fear.

                I read an affirmation from Louise Hay this morning, that I will be using as a mantra for the next six months. “All of the changes in life that lie before me are positive ones, and I am safe.” It made me feel more secure when I read it. Feel free to adopt it as your own.

                This Saturday, June 27th, tomorrow, I will be available for readings at the Chacana Spiritual Center, located at 2299 Sarno Rd, Melbourne, from 10 am – 2 pm. You can sign up in advance on Facebook under Events or just walk in. I’ll post a link today. I will wear a face shield and ask you to sanitize your hands before handling the cards.

                Classes I will be teaching at the Chacana Spiritual Center include “Auras” in June and two classes in August. The first one in August is a four-week class on the Major Arcana, and the second one is on Symbols. The August classes play off of each other and will be fun. Once again, you can sign up on the Chacana Spiritual Centers Facebook page or on their website.

                Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located a 780 W. New Haven Ave., Melbourne, is open for business, however, they are not yet prepared to be open for readings. I will let you know when readings once again become available there. Meanwhile, I am available for phone readings, 321-458-7956.

                Don’t forget we are still in the Celtic Tree month of Oak and the acorn represent the highest form of creativity – the creativity of the mind. What you think about, you bring about. “All of the changes in life that lie before me are positive ones, and I am safe.”

Namaste, Kathryn

~ In the wake of the Lunar Eclipse ~

Wow! Happy Friday! We all made it through the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Full Moon last Friday, June 5th. A lot of us are now experiencing and acting on the decisions this Eclipse made us aware of making for our own betterment. Scary, but exciting times! Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

The Celtic Tree month of Oak began on Wednesday, June 10th. Like humans, this tree grows everywhere. It has been dedicated to many gods, over the centuries, Zeus, Jupiter, and Thor. These are all gods who are associated with lightning. Oak is a long-lived tree with an average life span of 250 years. Unlike Aspen or Birch, this tree is inflexible. It does not bend easily. Maybe this is the time to look at where, in our own lives, we are inflexible? Acorns are the fruit and seed of the Oak. They fed many migratory peoples in prehistoric times. For me, acorns are the seeds we plant within our minds from which ideas grown. From a tiny acorn a mighty oak will grow.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Pisces. This makes two planets in Gemini and three in Pisces, so if we are feeling a little spacey, confused, or flighty, we’re just picking up all this Airy-Water energy. This is an excellent time to be creative in the kitchen, the garden, at a worktable, or on a computer. This combination can also affect our emotions, so if moody presents itself, just go with it. Pick up a good book and leave the bad feelings to dissipate.

As everyone is aware, Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, Melbourne, is now open again for retail shopping. A mask is required and gloves are available at the door. We have not opened for reading as of this writing.

I will be at the Chacana Spiritual Center, 2299 Sarno Road, Melbourne, tomorrow and on June 27th, available for readings. On Thursday, July 23rd, I will be teaching an Introductory Intuition class on Auras, from 7 – 9 pm. August 6th, 13th,20th, & 27th I will be teaching Tarot –The Major Arcana, and on August 10th, 17th, 24th, & 31st Symbology – How to use Symbols in Readings. Check their Facebook page or to register and see the other classes offered.

Of course, as soon as Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, is fully opened, I will be back there, available for readings.

Later! Ciao!

~ Check out my Meditation on Lightworkers Gifts on FB, Wednesday, May 27th, 9:00 pm EDT ~

Hello! Here we are in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend, remembering and thanking those who gave their lives to keep us safe. Thank you. When I was young, we would participate in a parade, carrying flags as the Color Guard, that would end at the cemetery with a rifle salute. It was a solemn parade, but as it was in Wisconsin, beer and brats would follow it. Death and life. Inseparable.

We celebrated a New Moon in Gemini this past Friday, while Mercury and retrograde Venus squared Neptune. This was a lot of information assaulting us and many of us may have felt confused and overwhelmed. Time to consult our Inner Selves. The GPS of our lives.

This weekend, we have the Moon and the Sun in Gemini. Lots of talking, communication, a time to place our attention on what is real for us. Don’t be concerned if one minute this is real and a half hour later something else is real. This is Gemini energy. Whatever it is that we keep returning to, that thing that lights up our insides, this is what we should concentrate on. The vibrant, yummy feeling that makes us shiver all over and say “YES!” This is the energy we want to focus on and bring into manifestation. Include this energy when writing out New Moon intentions this weekend.

Now that we are in Gemini energy, it is time to move, to shift, and on Monday, May 25th, the active, action planet, Mars, is in harmony with the initiating change planet, Uranus. An excellent time to move out of our old blueprints into new actions and new life. A great time to drop the old-way-of-thinking that didn’t let us explore and try out the new and the different.

On Thursday, May 28th, the North Node of Destiny is conjunct with Mercury. Time to pay attention to what shows up in our lives, for we may receive guidance about our path forward. If we don’t notice anything, it’s ok too, because as long as we are open to receive, we will receive.

This week will be busy for me. I will be interviewed and lead a meditation on Lightworkers Gifts on Facebook at 9:00 pm, Wednesday, May 27th. This is an international site, I’ve been told. Try and catch it if you can.

Also, while waiting for the full opening of Creative Energy, I will begin teaching classes, in June, at the Chacana Spiritual Healing Center, 2299 Sarno Rd., in Melbourne. Shannon Davis and I will be discussing what, and when this coming week. I do know a Tarot class and Using Symbols to Expand your Intuition will be on the agenda.

AND I am available for phone readings during the interim. Call me at 321-458-7956 to schedule your appointment. Later! Ciao!

~ Finally, we have Fire in the Sky! ~

Finally, we have some Fire in the sky, and I can stop feeling like a sluggish sloth! The Moon is in Aires from today, Sunday, until Tuesday. I love waking up and being energized! With the Moon in Aires, we have the energy to begin, to continue, and occasionally, finish up projects.

The surge of energy I’m feeling could also be due to the Sun trine Jupiter today, making this a good day to expand our lives in some way, ask for a favor, feel optimistic, and just know that some blessing is available to us. Enjoy the positiveness of this day!

This past week we were put through the proverbial wringer with two planets and the Nodes of Fate changing signs and three planets going Retrograde.  When the Nodes of Fate are in Gemini/Sagittarius, it is time to Question Everything. We are on information overload. Viewpoints are being expressed on both sides.

AND on Wednesday, May 20th the Sun moves into Gemini, and now we are in Super Information Overload. We may even feel we have ADD. Do not be overwhelmed with this massive communication dump. Keep your balance. The only place to go is within. Trust our Inner Self, our Inner Guidance System. When decisions have to be made, get quiet and ask that Inner Being. Then Do Not Doubt the information received. Our Intuition is there to help us.

Mars is also squaring Neptune on Wednesday, May 20th. A time of empathy, creative energy for artistic and/or spiritual pursuits. This alignment gives us a rosy view of life, however, remember this Square can also bring disillusionment and grief, if we allow ourselves to go there.

We have also entered, on May 13th, the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorne. This small tree has been said to mark the place where the fairies meet their secret lovers. They also guard wishing wells in Ireland. In some Western European cultures, the boughs serve as protection from lightening. In others, it was used to purify, and the Old-Irish brides wore crowns of hawthorn to symbolize chastity.

The Romans thought it was bad luck to bring Hawthorn into a home, however, it was the protective emblem of Cardea, mistress of Janus. “Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open.” With all the information and misinformation bombarding us in the coming weeks, we can call on her to shut our minds from being overloaded or to open them up to hear what the other side has to say.

As always, I am available for phone readings, 321-48-7956. Stay healthy! Later! Ciao!