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~ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ~ Come celebrate at Creative Energy! ~

Happy Valentine’s Day!! What a wonderful day to celebrate Love! A great day to love the Earth! To love our pets! To love our neighbors and friends! Happy Love to Everyone!

It is a great day to celebrate with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Scorpio. This may not seem like a great combination, however, with Scorpio being seductive and sexual, and with Aquarius thinking outside of the box, this can be a Great weekend. To add to the romance, Mercury and Neptune are both in Pisces, and Pisces is aware of feelings and is mystical and magical. Mercury is communication and Neptune is associated with dreams, illusions, spiritual enlightenment. A very good weekend, indeed.

My weekend begins at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne, by being available for readings from noon until 5 pm. This is the only day this week I will be at Creative Energy. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are always in a heartfelt mode, and today, no doubt, they will be over the top. Ask them for advice for last minute Valentine Day surprises.

On Sunday, our Improv troupe, Group Therapy, will be performing at 3:00 pm at the Cocoa Beach Library in Cocoa Beach. The admission charge is laughter. Join us for a fun closure to the weekend!

Have a blessed, romantic day! Later! Ciao!

~ Sunday-Funday at Creative Energy! ~

The Full Moon has been absolutely gorgeous this month. Also, has anyone else noticed the red, and I mean red, Sunsets? Particularly, last Thursday. Alyssa showed me some awesome photos. Guess we all should get outside and notice more of what is happening around us. This is an Aquarian trait. They notice things. Then they use this information to inspire change, to take the next step, to move it up a notch. Life would be very dull without our Aquarians.

Last night, we attended a Memorial Service for an amazing person, who lived her life as an authentic Aires – stepping into and out of trouble, uninhibited in her enjoyment of life. Wherever she stepped, laughter and happiness followed. The dynamic courage, loyalty, and love she exhibited for her family and friends will forever be remembered. I am so blessed, as so many others are, to have called her, “my friend.”

Today, under this exciting, energetic Full Moon, I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne, from noon until closing. The Sunday-Funday PURPLE peeps this week are Aimee and Alyssa. Between this Capricorn and Aquarian, the shop will be filled with lovely energy. Stop by to see if you can feel its PURPLENESS!

Time to shift into Sunday-Funday energy! Later! Ciao!

~ Look for me at Creative Energy Today!! ~

The energy of the Full Moon in Leo is already being felt in many areas of my life.  Has the yearning to express your creativity? Take the spotlight? Be in a leadership position? Any and all of these urges are indicative of the Leo energy. When a Moon becomes Full, the energy of the sign in which it is expressing, will/can be felt three days before and three days after a Full Moon. If we find ourselves acting in ways that seem to be a little ‘outside of our box,’ check to see where the Moon is in its monthly cycle.

Venus has moved into Aires so get ready to express passion. This is the time to come out of hiding, and to express yourself. What are we passionate about? With this get-up-and-make-it-happen energy exploding out of us, it is an excellent time to focus on what it is that we want to accomplish and to get it done. This energy is very useful as we prepare for Mercury Retrograde on February 16th.

Monday, February 10th, finds Venus and Chiron (Wounded Healer) snuggled up together. This is a great day to consider and heal any self-esteem issues, change any noxious beliefs, heal old heartache, boost up our own beliefs about our lovability, and most importantly, recognize our own true Greatness. Healing is not negotiable.  Do it now, and remove the taint that all this outdated thinking has cast over our lives.

On Thursday, February 13th Venus squares the North Node of Destiny. If anything is inhibiting our evolution, this is the day we will be made aware of it. Let’s use this information to free ourselves. Remember, Aires is a warrior – a fierce and fearless warrior. Put this energy to good use.

My good use today, will be being available for readings, only $30 for 30 minutes, at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne, from noon until 4 pm. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Aimee, and Alyssa are using their Leo energy to express their creativity and are very passionate about the advice and knowledge they share.

Congratulations to Vance on becoming a Grandfather for the first time! Yipppee!

Gathering my energy together, I’m ready for the day to begin! Later! Ciao!

~ A Blustery Day at Creative Energy!!! ~

Brrrr! My phone tells me it’s 18 degrees colder than it was yesterday. The wind is kicking up its heels blowing away all of our old yesterdays. What a perfect day to clean out and chuck out old thought patterns. Allow the gusty winds of today to help us clear out the transoms of our minds!

Remember, the Sun is in Aquarius and we are in the Age of Aquarius. Time to look at change and step into it, rather than running from it.  Today, we have the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Cancer, along with Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces. This means we have four planets in water. Water is representative of our emotions, our feelings, our artistic endeavors. When there are four planets in water with the Sun in Aquarius, we have a feeling of compassion and humanitarianism. Change in a philanthropical and compassionate way is possible today.

The Full Moon is on Sunday, February 9th, and some of us are already feeling the effects of this. This moon is called the Quickening Moon. The Earth and the animals are in a state of pregnancy and are feeling the “quickening” movements of new life. What is in the “Quickening” stage in your life? Where, in your life, are you pregnant with possibilities?

Lots of possibilities will be present today at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne. One possibility is that I will be there from noon until 5:00 pm. Another possibility is that one of the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa, will say just the right thing to put your mind at ease, or to point you in the right direction or to expand your thinking in ways unknown to you before.

Off to begin my blustery day! Later! Ciao!

~ Hippy, drippy Saturday at Creative Energy!! ~

Slippery, drippy Saturday! Or as Pooh would say, “It’s a blustery day, Piglet.” But it is a great day for asking ourselves, “What would happen if I let go of holding on to (fill in the blank)?” With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus, we have uninhibited freedom squaring security, predictability, and structure. Both are fixed signs – difficult to change, but not impossible. Remember we always have choice. This Saturday and Sunday, we can think about what we hold on to so we feel safe? And can we let go of it and trust in Universal Energy to provide our safety? This is a weekend to trust our truest selves.

All of the planets are Direct now, so our paths are unobstructed, and we are really getting things accomplished. Mercury moves into Pisces on February 3rd and remains there through early March. This placement helps us go beyond the linear left-brain and view life in a mystical, technicolor, illusory way, with our feeling adding passion to our vision. Mercury does go Retrograde on February 16th, so we will get a double dose of expansive thinking.

Tomorrow is Imbolc and Groundhogs Day. It is also the Feast Day of St. Brighid. The festival of Springtime to the Irish and the beginning of the lambing season.

Today, expansive thinking and trust, will be taking place at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave, aka. Hwy. 192, in Melbourne. I will be available for readings from noon until 5:00 pm. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa are honing their skills at ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking with their suggestions and knowledge of the supplies and stones in the shop. Use their information to make choices easier, but in a way that always honors your own inner knowingness.

Time to dance between the raindrops. Later! Ciao!

~ A “Get Up and Go” Day ~ A Creative Energy Day! ~ Happy Birthday, Ken Byrnes! ~

Get Up and Go! That is theme for today. We have the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Aires – a delightful combination of air and fire.  Mars is in Sagittarius, and in Capricorn we have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. With this combination of fire, water, and earth, we all feel like moving, getting up and going somewhere, doing something, making something happen. And especially anything that would involve any type of physical activity, running, baseball, B-ball, surfing. We feel the motivation to get up and move!

Remember, we are in Aquarius. This is the time to allow ourselves to think ‘outside of the box.’ It is a time to find the Universal voice we all have within us and to consider how we can help humanity. And being in Aquarius, we find that we are all talking too much, so take time to listen. We may just hear the answer to the quandary we are in.

The answer for me today, is to be available for readings at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne from noon until 5 pm. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa, are all available and ready to answer any question that may be presented.

This is Ken Byrnes 90th Birthday! He is a playwright, songwriter, and athlete. A very fine example of Aquarius and Aires energy. Happy Birthday, Ken!

Time for me to ‘get up and go’! Later! Ciao!

~ Happy Lunar New Year! `

I promised some things about the Lunar New Year today. The Lunar New Year is based on the Lunar calendar. Today is the day that it is celebrated in China, however, it is celebrated on different dates in other Asian countries.

This year is the celebration of the Metal Rat. The story goes like this:  Buddha invited all the animals to a party and that the first twelve to arrive would be honored. Rat convinced Ox to give him a ride over the river and rode on his head. When they arrived, he jumped down and was the first one to arrive, with Ox then being number two.

Rats have many good qualities – hard working, family orientated, good leadership, and represent fertility – but what they lack is courage to fulfill their dreams. They are very good at saving money although they can be stingy – resulting in being penny wise and pound foolish.

This is a time for family. A time of gifting, especially money in red envelopes. The Dragon and Lion Dances along with a Lantern Festival, are all part of this celebration. During the Ming Dynasty, an entire month would be given over to the New Year. Now there is not even a day-off given for the celebration in mainland China, although it is still celebrated.

Happy New Year! Later! Ciao!

~ New Moon in Aquarius Today ~ Great Day to be at Creative Energy ~

Happy Friday! It’s a little damp outside, but at least it’s not snowing. The Sun moved into Aquarius on Monday, January 20th, and the Moon is now also in Aquarius, resulting in a New Moon and overdose of Aquarius energy for the weekend. Capricorn is a steady rule-follower, while Aquarius is the exact opposite, breaking or changing the rules. With a New Moon, we have a new beginning, and with it being in Aquarius, this is the weekend to be our REAL self. “Let me, be me” energy. Enjoy it.

There are still three planets in Capricorn, keeping us restrained, and two in Pisces, resulting in a let’s go into the future, “let’s see what’s next” energy. This along with Aquarius energy will make for a totally interesting weekend.

We entered the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan on Tuesday, January 21st. The English author, Walter de la Mare, wrote, “So potent is the flower or berry or wood of the rowan or witchwood or quicken or whichen-tree or mountain ash against the wiles of the elf-folk, the dairymaids use it for cream-stirrers and cowherds for a switch.” The Scotts used it along with red thread to find witches and to counteract any evil they may have wrought. Scandinavian myths said Thor (the god of Thunder) ruled this tree and planted them near their buildings to prevent any damage from storms.

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year. This year we honor the Rat.

More on that tomorrow, because today I will be at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne from noon until 5 pm. The PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa have been rearranging displays and bringing more romance into the nooks and corners of the shop. There is something for that special someone hidden somewhere in the store. Ask anyone of them to help you find it.

This is the last weekend of “Arsenic and Old Lace” at the Surfside Playhouse, 301 Ramp Road, Cocoa Beach, so make certain you get your tickets for this classic. Also, “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” has opened at MCT (Melbourne Civic Theatre). This Nora and Delia Ephron play is a must-see, especially for women.

Gotta run! Later! Ciao!

~ Crystal Bead and Book (aka Book and Bead Outlet) Psychic Fair Today!!! ~

We are stepping into Aquarian energy this week with the Sun moving into Aquarius on Monday. Venus is now in Pisces and Mercury is also in Aquarius. Only four planets left in Capricorn. We are beginning our forward movement into 2020.

There may be the feeling of too much happening at once this week, but flow with it. Let life happen. It will only frustrate us if we try to control things. Aquarius will redirect our paths in the most interesting way, and our lives will be so much better for it.

Today, I will be at the Island Crystal and Bead, aka Book and Bead Outlet, 950 W. Courtnay Pkwy., Merritt Island. I’ve been told I am booked solid today, however, there are many fine readers there so call Chris at 321-453-2665, to schedule a reading. The Fair will also be held tomorrow.

Don’t forget this Sunday, January 19th, Group Therapy will be performing Improv at the Cocoa Beach Library at 3 pm! And it’s FREE!

Long drive ahead today, so gotta run. Later! Ciao!

~ Happy Birthday, Aimee! ~ Creative Energy Day!! ~

Well, we are approaching the end of the Celtic Tree month of Birch and will be entering Rowan next week Tuesday. Also, the Sun enters Aquarius on Monday, and the Chinese New Year is next week Saturday, January 25th.

Today, however, the Sun is still in Capricorn, (sustained energy, taking care of tasks) with the Moon in Scorpio (Focus). There is also a T-Square between the Moon (Scorpio) opposing Uranus (Taurus) and Mercury (Aquarius). The energy of the T-Square is being released into Leo. This T-Square is asking for expression, and will be felt by Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. With all the focused energy between the Sun and the Moon, use this T-Square to dress up, have fun, be expressive. 

Also, watch for miscommunications and misunderstandings this weekend. All that focus may leave some of us with blinders on as to what is really happening around us.

What is happening today, is joy and fun at Creative Energy, the PURPLE store, located at 780 W. New Haven Ave., aka Hwy. 192, in Melbourne. I will be there from noon until 5 pm along with the PURPLE peeps, Pamela, Vance, Aimee, and Alyssa. There is still time to wish Aimee “Happy Birthday!” so don’t forget to do so. We love our little Capricorn!

Tomorrow is the Psychic Fair at Island Crystal and Bead, formerly known as Book and Bead Outlet, 950 N. Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, behind McDonald’s and Arby’s. The Fair is also on Sunday; however, I will ONLY be there on Saturday, January 18th. The Fair runs from 11 – 4 pm. Please call Chris at 321-453-2665 for a reservation as the spots fill up quickly.

Hippity-hop! Off to the Shop! Later! Ciao!